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Buds, Brews, Beans, and Bitcoin—That’s Anarcho-Capitalism

Updated on April 3, 2019
Garry Reed profile image

Garry Reed combined a professional technical writing career with a passion for all things libertarian to become the Libertarian Opinionizer.

Commentary From Your Libertarian Opinionizer

AnarchoInc is the online anarcho-capitalist home for a business that’s all about “Buds, Brews, Beans, and Bitcoin.”


Many people have a problem with the term “anarcho-capitalism.” They seem to think it’s an “oxymoron” but it’s all in the definitions. For many ”anarcho,” the combining form of “anarchy,” translates into “violent chaos.” But libertarians mean just the opposite of that.

To many others “anarcho” means left-wing socialism while “capitalism” means rightwing exploitation, thereby making the hyphenated phrase mean “non-government government exploitation,” an oxymoron for sure.

But to American libertarians who don’t think in left-right terms “anarcho” simply means freedom from government and other forms of top-down involuntarily imposed coercion and “capitalism” means voluntary laissez-faire free exchanges among peaceful people.

That means anarcho-capitalism, aka AnCap, refers to the open, voluntary, peaceful, noncoercive, laissez-faire free society in which all people enter into mutually agreeable exchanges of all kinds, not just economic but personal, social and cultural as well.

Book Break: Your Libertarian Opinionizer’s Pick

Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto
Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto
Libertarians who have already passed through the small government, limited-government or other “minarchist” phase already know what the oft-maligned “oxymoron” of anarcho-capitalism really is. It isn’t about “freer people” but “free people,” not about “better government” or “less government” but “human governance.” It’s about anarcho-entrepreneurs like Jay. As an introduction the natural place to go is this straightforward, easy to read and understand 190-page book in which the author distills and consolidates the best of the best libertarian thinkers. First accept that government is a criminal organization, then read this book with a free mind and an open heart.

The Anarcho Entrepreneur

Jay is an example of that latter definition of anarcho-capitalism. He’s an anarcho-libertarian who takes even that a step further; he’s also an anarcho-entrepreneur.

Being a libertarian in an unlibertarian world is tough enough. Becoming a Do-It-Yourself anarcho entrepreneur is even tougher. There’s very little a person can do to earn a living without running afoul of behemoth government with its endlessly coercive politicians, bureaucrats, civil servants and officious officials bristling with tax laws, intimidating threats of punitive bullying, fines, litigation and incarceration for failure to obey or even innocently misunderstanding its endless rules and regulations.

Creating a DIY business within the interstices still available to many free market business people often requires working off-book and receiving under-the-table cash, operating in the gray and black markets with fingers crossed, seeking out unregulated and unlicensed areas of trades and professions not yet monopolized by self-serving special interests and their lapdog government licensing agencies, or just swallowing the smallest amount of governing graft as possible and setting up shop as best they can.

Jay, with his commercial enterprises has attempted to work within the law. AnarachoInc, he says, is “just one man in search of financial freedom and economic autonomy.”

He’s a podcaster plus the owner of AnarchoCoffee, AnarchoCBD—a line of Cannabidiol health products, the author of Affiliate Anarchy—an ebook that teaches people how to build a sustainable passive business, and the soon-to-come—while fighting back his gag reflex after applying for a state license—AnarchoBeer.

One of Jay’s businesses, AnarchoCBD, is an independent affiliate of HempWorx that produces and sells hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products like oils, tinctures, topicals, drinks, vape pens, creams, edibles, gummies, capsules and more, including the best of two worlds: Hemp-infused coffee.

And he not only accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but even donates some of his profits to libertarian activists and causes.

All of that was more than justification for your Libertarian Opinionizer to track down this Anarcho Entrepreneur for a quick Q&A email interview. Who we found was Jay, a man with “no last name” who, in true Anonymous tradition, really didn’t much want his photo used either.

Q&A with AnarchoInc Founder Jay

Who are you? Do you never post your last name anywhere?

My name is Jay. I am an Entrepreneur, Designer, Developer, Free Thinker, Cypherpunk, loving dad and husband. I occasionally do post my last name but prefer not to for some privacy and fear of being fired by my current employer. I am hoping one day that my businesses will go from side-hustles to a full-time lifestyle. But for now, I keep my last name under wraps. If it gets out in the wild I don't have a cow about it.

Do you identify as an anarcho-capitalist?

My immediate answer to that question is yes but with a caveat. I do not believe in the state, the government in all its forms has failed us and I believe in the true free market economy, not crony-capitalism. I believe with a true free-market economy we can smash the state with private solutions. With that said we live in the king's land and sometimes must obey his laws so that we do not have the king's guardsmen knocking at our doors. So let's play by the "rules" until there is no state.

What are your libertarian creds? What “school” of libertarian are you and how did you get that way?

The school of hard knocks. Just kidding. Anyhow, no particular "school." I first heard the word libertarian from Dr. Ron Paul like so many libertarians. I went further down the rabbit hole with Tom Woods, Scott Horton and Murray Rothbard. I believe I was fully red-pilled in terms of libertarianism/anarchy after this last election and seeing how much of US politics is a joke.

How/When/why did you start your Anarcho products business?

I started my business back in late 2018 after much frustration with the daily 9-5 grind and doing that for ten years now. Some men where not built to just sit in an office all day and take directions from a benevolent dictator. I was tired of using my skills making other people successful and wanted to use my skills to make myself and my family successful. You know one of my favorite quotes is from the movie Hell or High Water and at the end of the movie the main character says something along the lines "I've been poor my whole life, like a disease passing from generation to generation. But not my boys. Not anymore."

When can we expect to see AncrchoBeer available?

Hopefully before the US votes for its next dictator.

Whatever else you’d like to add?

That's it.

That’s it? Not quite, so Libertarian Opinionizer will add something for him…

Jay is also a podcaster at on YouTube where he has been “talking business and technology in the truly free marketplace” since December 2018. He and his guests cover a wide range of free market, gray market and black market business and technology subjects.

At this writing Jay has engaged in 18 podcasts with interviews and discussions with many libertarians of many makes and models with hopefully many more to come.

In addition to everything else Jay is a professional freelancing web designer, developer, and entrepreneur who, in his own words, “specializes in product design, user interface design, user experiences and programming languages like HTML, CSS and content management systems like WordPress.” All this at his website

Yet too many people, especially non-libertarians, see people like Jay who self-identify as “libertarian” or “voluntaryist” or “anarcho-capitalist” only as some sort of vague label or category or inscrutable being rather than just an everyday individual like themselves who have their own personal view of the world.

In his own words again, this time as an individual person rather than an anarcho-entrepreneur, Jay explains on one of his many websites what is most meaningful to him:

“I want to work for myself so I can be home with my wife and kids because I believe that great family relationships are the future for a better world. My wife is already a stay-at-home mom blogger where she does an awesome job homeschooling my kids away from the oppressive institutional jails of so-called public education.”

That is an everyday libertarian, an anarcho-capitalist and a free voluntary individualist.

Note: All images courtesy of Jay at

References and Links

Anarcho-Capitalism If you can stop screeching “Oxymoron!” long enough to do a little research and understand that most English words have multiple meanings you’ll be able to educate yourself about the American libertarian idea of anarcho-capitalism and discuss it intelligently.

Capitalism vs Corporatism vs Cronyism This article explains why “for more than a century capitalism has had more critics than champions, and because the critics have given biased or bigoted portrayals of what they feel is a demonic system.” Remember that words have meaning!”

Free Markets Since all knowledge is dispersed throughout society not even well-meaning government planners, regulators or private persons can make this knowledge available to everyone. Only the price system, the “wisdom of crowds,” can do that. It’s why socialism is “doomed to fail.”

Individualist vs. Collectivist Anarchism If as this article suggests, in the absence of government collectivists see people naturally coalescing into social units and individualists see people voluntarily coalescing into social units why can’t both coexist in a non-coercive free society?


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