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Customer Behaviors: From A Sales Associate Story

Updated on September 29, 2012

As we walk into superstores like Walmart, a door greeter would be standing there. And along with all the departments are other employees you would see folding clothes, some assigned on the fitting room, and some are restocking.

If you are an average customer you wouldn't think of such as a hard work unless you know someone who works as sales associate on the store. That is what I thought before. And that it wasn't that stressing. Until I happen to know a sales associate and I listen to her stories on how her day went. It didn't occur to me that there would be such experiences on some customers.

So, here's my story that would give you an "inside look" as a sales associate tells me her stories and some experiences that makes her come home pissed on some occasions.

* If you are an observer you would notice yourself on some occasions that there's some empty snacks or either bottled or canned drinks hidden on some departments: partially consumed or all empty. This are from customers who had picked up a snack or any food or drink and just decided to satisfy their empty tummies without paying first for the item. I had seen some open and halfway consumed snack items myself hidden on folded clothes on this one trip to Walmart.

* Some shoppers with young kids would just let their kids roam around, running on the aisles, picking up and playing with items that weren't even toys, dropping some things and not picking them up. And on some rare occasions, some parents wasn't happy when the sales associate witnessing these steps up and tell the kids that it wasn't a good idea to ran around and pick up items and play with them. Also, this sometimes results on kids getting lost with the parents reuniting with the child once the "lost kid" was paged on the entire store.

* "Fitting rooms" are there to be use. And also comes with mirrors so you can see how the dress fits you. This sales associate also had encountered customers brave enough to try shirts, socks, shoes and just wouldn't consider taking it off. But instead wear the new socks and leave the old ones behind the store.

* Some customers would be so demanding. I remember this associate came home one night with her story of this one male customer demanding her to "save this exact size and color of shirt for him" and he would come back some other day for it. That it is better be there when he comes back or he wouldn't be so happy and would see the manager. (It doesn't work that way.)

* Frozen foods, or items left behind on other departments where it doesn't belong. There are also times that cold beverages or frozen foods like mixed vegetables and on some occasions meat are found hidden or left on departments like sporting goods, beauty aisle, and on some other spaces.

But on the brighter side, not all customers are like those, there are also some that are friendly enough to ask help and have a friendly talk with the associates, which results to both having a nice experience and the associate having a much less stressful day.


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 6 years ago from USA

      Your absolutely right, but still there are people like those. I had seen empty snacks hidden amongst folded clothes on some occasion.

    • mandymoreno81 profile image

      mandymoreno81 6 years ago

      Having seen some of these behaviors, it's ridiculous the amount of things customers get away with. Leaving something like perishable items in the wrong location is flat out rude and just wastes the company's money and I can't even imagine the type of people who just try on a piece of clothing and leave with it or people who steal by eating or drinking something they haven't paid for.