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Annual Salaries for a Graphic Animator

Updated on July 21, 2012

It should be understood that the majority of graphic animators, graphic artists and other related careers are often filled by freelancers and as such salaries can be a difficult number to gauge. As freelancers it would depend upon how frequently work is available as for some work may come and go, for some periods work may also not be available. However other factors could be considered as those freelancers with the most experience are more likely to get more work. Also those employed by large production companies such as Dreamworks, Walt Disney, etc. are much more likely to have regular work and high salaries. This article will give a thorough overview of what can be expected for salaries in the field of graphic animators based on experience, location, and other such factors.

What A Graphic Animator's Job Entails

Those working as a graphic animator create animation and visual effects for film, TV, video games and other media related projects. They may create 2D sketches and eventually develop those final ideas through computer programs. These types of artistic endeavor may take on a 3D form as well and be completely generated on computers. Much of this field utilizes the highest quality of new technology currently available on the market.

Graphic Animator Salary Statistics By Industry

Wages for graphic animators and other related fields differ. The average wage across all industries is $58,510. The top 10% of the industry earned over $99,830 while the lowest 10% of graphic animators made less than $33,840. Below is a chart outlining the average salaries for graphic animators in each industry. Statistics are according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Motion Picture/Video Industry
Software Publishers
Computer Systems & design
Advertising, Public Relations & Related
Artistic Toilets
Artistic Toilets | Source

What To expect In This Field

According to statistics by 2020 this field will expand by 8%, this number across the spectrum is slower than the average for all industries in the job market. The amount of jobs currently available of this type is 66,500 and about 8.4% of people working this type of job have changed careers in the past year. To work as a graphic animator companies providing these jobs are looking for at least a Bachelor's Degree for entry level candidates. You must be very adaptable as each job for a graphic animator is quite different from company to company or even from project to project at the same company.

It is important to note that this field isn't for everyone. You must be dedicated as many of these projects will be deadline driven and in many cases you will work long hours behind the scenes. You also must possess a talent for this type of work, not everyone can be a graphic animator. If you do not have an affinity for artistic work all the training in the work won't make you a great graphic artist. Lastly you must have a strong knowledge of and be very proficient with computers as the vast majority of this field spend their time on them.

Comparison Salaries Of Similar Occupations

Below is a chart that compares other similar occupations and shows average salaries for each next to those of a graphic animator.

Graphic Animator
Art Directors
Computer Programmers
Craft & Fine Artists
Graphic Designers


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    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 5 years ago from North America

      Sueswan - thanks for the vote up, yes you have to be an artist for sure to be in this field :)

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      Hi Terrektwo

      Very interesting and informative. I agree that If you do not have an affinity for artistic work all the training in the work won't make you a great graphic artist.


      Voted up and interesting.

      Take Care