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Applying for a Job Online is Frustrating

Updated on March 4, 2011

It was not that long ago that even filling out a form online for a job was less frustrating, and while the Internet and the zillions of jobs out there make searching for one easier, applying for them can be frustrating.

Take the millions out of work. They will spend many hours online searching for jobs and each time they find one, unless it is a recruiter who just wants an updated resume, the applicant will have to deal with online forms for employment. What is so nauseating after even a few jobs are found is that each one requires you to log on before the application is given to fill out. Why does a stranger, who will have no further interaction with the website, have to create a user name and password? Why not just give the applicant the job form to fill out ? If a searcher is applying for several jobs, this creates several user names and passwords, multiply this by 10 or more, and the applicant is peaking out with frustration. And, we are not even talking about filling out the application, which is redundant times 1000. If you upload your resume, the automatic population never really works well, and the applicant will have to spend time cleaning it up. Then, many times, even when the info is correctly inserted into the field, the system fails to work due to a glitch and despite repeated attempts, you cannot move forward with the job application process online. At this point, I am sure many applicants are quite pissed and annoyed and close the application process, meanwhile, the amount of time dealing with this could easily be 30 min. or one hour! This is for one application form.

Granted, some firms make it easier for applicants to apply and at times, everything works fine and you are done. In those scenarios, smart firms will provide the applicant the ability to upload their resume with NO population application fields. It goes to HR and that is it. It seems the firms that force applicants to go through a series of screens instead of allowing them to send the resume want to deter applicants by making it more time consuming and difficult. 

A well crafted resume will provide all the info HR needs to know and forcing the applicant to repeat the same info on 'their" form could not be more annoying.  What is even sillier is that the applicants resume and online form is in company system duplicating the same info.

Job searches in today's world are so easy, so many sites to check out. Some get info from many other sites,, does this. Many times, the job is old or after you have spent considerable time filling out forms, the final screen will tell you, the job is filled or no longer available! Sometimes, the applicant does not realize that the job they are applying is the same one but from another job site until it is too late.

Of course, the end bit is that once the online form has been filled out and sent in without snafus, one seldom hears back from the firm except the, " we have received your application, you will be notified if there is a good match etc...."


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