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Here's The Quickest & Easiest Way For You To Succeed In Mobile Marketing

Updated on April 2, 2014

Mobile Websites are more important then ever

Mobile marketing has been evolving rapidly

Mobile marketing has been evolving rapidly, especially since recent statistics say that there are nearly six billion smart phones in the world. You can barely step outside your house without seeing someone checking their phones for messages or updating their Facebook page. Statistics show that 74% of shoppers use their smart phone to look up the facts of a product they are considering buying and nearly 90% of those searches end up in a real purchase.

Mobile marketing has been shown to have very impressive response rates from customers. For instance, 70% of all of the mobile searches conducted are reported to end up with the person taking some sort of action in the next 60 minutes, according to Mobile Marketer. By comparison, the same amount of online advertising takes readers a month to react to.
Mobile Marketing Methods Just Scratching the Surface

Websites must be displayed correct on all mobile devices

Mobile Marketing Includes Many Different Tools

Just about all businesses are starting to realize just how valuable mobile marketing campaigns are to their bottom lines. In fact, as far back as 2008 more than half of mobile phone users were already responding to mobile marketing advertising, and it has only gotten better in the last five years.

However, there are many kinds of mobile devices in the world besides smart phones, and it’s estimated that in the next few years everyone will be connected to the online world by everything from their phones to wearable mobile devices such as Google Glass and more. Technology changes are rapidly becoming a normal occurrence and business owners need to keep abreast of any and all innovations that involve mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Includes Many Different Tools
Mobile marketing can consist of using advertisements which are placed strategically beside busy interstates, on posters or buildings, at a bus stop or even on product packaging. It is found in the form of Quick Response Codes or QRs placed on these things, as well as a call to action for potential customers to download apps for their mobile devices in order to get coupons or discounts, etc.

Mobile ads can be as simple as a streaming ad on a moveable billboard or as complicated as having to download the appropriate app to make it appear. But whatever format it appears in, it is doing well and earning big profits for companies all over the world. A business has countless ways to market their mobile ads. They can print a QR code on their business cards, or place a link to a mobile site on their blog or social media page. They can offer a free product code or other discount to get a potential customer to link to their mobile site or sponsor a contest through their product packaging.

These things make it fun for people and turn bored consumers into loyal participating potential buyers. They help to get your brand well-known and in the minds of people and that’s what it takes to get traffic to your website and get people to trust your brand and recommend it to others. Mobile marketing should be kept short and sweet and get right to the point. That’s what attracts today’s fast paced world, not long and drawn out content.

We don´t have a choice, we need to use it

Your Experience with your Smartphone or Tablet

Are most websites ready for Smartphones and Tablets?

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Everyone is in a Hurry, Mobile Marketing Meets that Need

These things make it fun for people and turn bored consumers into loyal participating potential buyers. They help to get your brand well-known and in the minds of people and that’s what it takes to get traffic to your website and get people to trust your brand and recommend it to others. Mobile marketing should be kept short and sweet and get right to the point. That’s what attracts today’s fast paced world, not long and drawn out content.

Everyone is in a Hurry, Mobile Marketing Meets that Need
Speed seems to be everything and today’s consumer grew up on fast food and instant gratification in their blood. Mobile marketing is a fast paced method of advertising and if done correctly, it will get the attention of potential customers, as well as helping your business to maintain the loyalty of old customers. They all want useful and relevant and up to date information and they want it NOW. It’s up to you to come up with the mobile marketing campaign to give it to your targeted audience.

All in all, Mobile marketing is a growing trend that is here to stay. As more and more consumers use smart phones and other types of mobile devices, more businesses will jump into the mobile marketing world. Don’t let this new type of advertising pass your business by. Take advantage of mobile marketing and join in the fun, and profits that this form of advertising can bring.

Mobile Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Mobile Marketing is a great way for your business to skyrocket to success and make good profits. However, this is only true if you do it in the right fashion. Here are some Mobile Dos and Don’ts that Mobile Marketers need to follow:

Mobile Marketing Dos

DO understand your customers’ needs
It’s vital to really know what is important to your customers, especially with mobile marketing. As fast as you can send out your mobile marketing ads, an unhappy client can delete them, so learn all you can about what your customers want and need.

DO pay attention to timing
It’s important to pay attention to the times you are sending out mobile messages in mobile marketing. It’s best to try to pair it up with things like sending restaurant coupons out at lunchtime. Try to match up what you are doing with the way people use their time, it’s true that time is money!

DO optimize your sites for mobile marketing
Whatever website, blog or account you have, if you are promoting things to people with smart phones, then you must make sure there are mobile optimized versions that your smart phone customer can view properly. The screen on mobile devices is smaller, for instance. Everything on your regular website doesn’t have to be on the mobile version. Just put in exactly what is needed to supply your customers with a way to see and buy your products or services because if it isn’t user friendly they won’t use it at all.

DO follow your clients wherever they are
Be sure to make your company easy to locate during a mobile search, because if they can’t find you, then you aren’t going to be able to get any orders or make any profits.

DO combine mobile with other marketing venues
Even though mobile marketing is great for you to make profits and new customers, you need to combine your campaign with other marketing venues like social media sites, email, broadcast and print for best results.

DO use mobile innovations
Customers enjoy using things like apps, Quick Response or QR codes and coupons they get on their phones. This shows your brand is current with today’s technology and it helps you to reach your customers in many ways. Allow your customer to do things like use check-ins, get coupons, etc. and they will become loyal to your company.

DO personalize your messages
Mobile phones are a more personal means of communication. Therefore it works well to call a customer by name in your marketing strategy. To do this you need to target your campaign to people that opt-in on your previous emails or messages.

DO keep things simple.
Customers just want the fact, they don’t want a long drawn out pitch on their phones, so only put in the important facts. They don’t want to have to scroll through pages of text on their phone.

Mobile Marketing Don’ts

Don’t try to every new idea if it causes you to neglect your customers
It’s fine to use the latest technologies, but at the same time you have to do it in a way that doesn’t neglect your targeted audience. If you care more about technology than your customers, you will lose profits, not gain them. Work out a plan to find out which of the best new innovations will work well for both your business and your clients.

Don't give customers too many choices.

Don’t confuse your customers by offering way too many choices. Once again, mobile marketing is a bit different and you need to give them exactly what they need, not what you think they should have. Your call to action must be simple and direct. Lead the customer to where you want them to go.

DON’T do any bait and switch.
Smart phone users have a short attention span, so they don’t want the hassle of a captivating offer that doesn’t follow through. Get to the point and don’t make it hard for customers to do things like compare prices or find products. If your customer has to hunt around on your mobile site to find what they want, they will ditch it and go to one of your competitors.

© 2014 Martin Bergmann


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Marketing is really dynamic. It's just amazing how they can utilize the latest in technology.


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