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Arson in Oil Town: The Fire Storm that Devoured Fort McMurray, Alberta

Updated on June 21, 2016

The Fire that Busted Oil Town- Or did it?


I may have an I.Q of 180 but you don't have to be a genius to think what I am thinking...the Fort McMurray fire in the oil machine capital of Alberta was a case of an all too convenient Arson. And who is talking about it? Not many- the silence is all too telling.

Maybe it is because the news media in Alberta is bought and paid for by the oil businesses and their beneficiaries which are too many to name? As we Canadians so often express with a big - EH? I mean Black Media Press, incidentally owned and paid for by oil business advertising and a Conservative Party backer- Conrad Black, Black Media owns most of the papers in Alberta and they are not printing even the notion of a possible arson. Are you surprised dear folk? It has been that way for a very long time where the truthful stories are swept under the carpet and affluent criminals even politicians and government corruption evade media coverage as reporters hide under their editors' and publishers' skirts. Another form of prostitution in my opinion. lol

Where are the City Police and RCMP when you really need them? How about that Accountability Act everyone keeps ignoring in this country? Sure, sounds like the Lion from Wizard of Oz- they roar at the public over minor infractions but cower with their tails between their legs when it comes to huge corporate or government crime. EH? Meow lil pussies, meow! Wish someone would prove me wrong- fat chance of that in Alabama Alberta. Home Home on the Range, where the ole buffoons and oil tycoons rage. Where seldom is heard, an encouraging word, and the lies and cover ups compound with each day. Ugh.

Oh Burns!

Who are the Benefactors?

Let us ponder this for a moment, shall we? Fort McMurray was going bust anyway...the past few months the city was becoming a ghost town with massive lay offs, camps shutting down, and owners selling fast and renters vacating like a bat out of hell. Of course the oil companies were on the brink of bankruptcy and certainly people couldn't make their mortgages, property companies were losing the profits of exuberant rents and property values were plummeting as everyone and their pooch were dashing out of dodge. Needless to say, government was also losing their high oil subsidized investments, royalties, tax breaks, loans, guarantees, and property taxes due to vacancy. I wonder if any Crown Land, leased or otherwise succumbed to that fire? Should we even dare to mention how much the banks lost? Ohhhhhhh! Just about everyone in oil town had something to gain from that fire. Lookie, lookie. Where is Inspector Clouseau, Sherlock Holmes and the Hardy Boys when you need them? FAIL! You might simply re-read one or two of my other oil industry articles if you need a bread crumb or two.

Tick, tock of the psychopathic clock!

Well this little birdie was an observant tweeter, while working in the hum drum slums of Red Deer, Alberta- oil town #2. Where the rumor mill abound in the seedy depths of Lower Fairview and Downtown, of gossipy informants and addicts who were all too ready to 'give up the goods'. Needless to say, in the white bible belt of dysfunctional, inbred and nepotic christian missions, the' not so heavenly' angelicas, winged with mouths of toothless grins, big bikes, bad breath and the smallest genitalia, were where those with pointed fingers divined the most likely culprits of convenient corporate criminal capitalism. And they tell women to cry 'fire' instead of 'rape' when it happens so everyone will be more likely to come running to your rescue. I cry, "SCIENCE!

In speaking of science, I spoke to a rather scientific fire artist on the subject, no names to be mentioned here, who quite admittedly volunteered that the fire in Ft. McMurray was very likely deliberately set ablaze. The evidence lies in the fact that the fire began just off the highway for starters, from a small source with great wind conditions on that day and it spread in a wide spread pattern rather quickly and then into a wild wave that could not be reckoned with in time.- (combustables)? Ever heard of a whole city going up in flames without much immediate intervention? Strange, I must admit. Did the Ft. McMurray Fire Department know something we didn't?

It could have been as innocent as a flicked cigarette, but not likely, with the spread pattern and quick velocity spread over the region. You don't even hear about these sorts of wild fires and mass evaculations in uncontrollable conditions such as California where forest fires are typical and anticipated. Maybe those prisoners in orange, which is not the new black, are better trained at putting out fires than the whole of northern Alberta's ground and air fire force? Hmm? Speaking of a clockwork orange. What timing! Ahem, cough, cough, Ahem.


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 17 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      Yes, the timing is highly coincidental with the economic downturn that the tar sands where already in. That is why I only donated two dollars. I don't trust them, on top of which the insurance companies are giving them their money to rebuild anyway.

      From what I heard about Forth McMurray (from people who worked and lived there) that was not a healthy place: too much money, too many drugs and too many self-absorbed people. Maybe burning down might cleanse it a little. I will not hold my breath though, money tends to have a moral degenerating quality to it and to those who engulf themselves in it (like most of the residents of Fort McMurray, or anywhere else where money flows out of the ground ... Saudi Arabia comes to mind also).

      Thanks for the piece of writing - makes You think ... Cheers!