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Asian Mompreneur: Maintaing a work life balance

Updated on March 10, 2011

Working and taking care of a family can really take a toll on your health and lifestyle. It is not easy to juggle both loads without your health giving way to chronic fatigue or other serious illnesses in the long run. .

It is important to have time for both family and self in order to be product both in the workplace and home. If we spend more time at work we maybe neglecting our family and our duties as wife and mother.

How then can one have a worklife balance?


Being able to list in detail what you wish to achieve.
Setting milestone and roadmarkers to track your progress.
Can you reach your goals? What must be done/completed before it can be reached?
Is is possible to reach such a goal? Is is doable?
Time Frame
How long a time are you giving yourself? Weeks? Months? Years?

My Family Schedule

 2009 (c) From Dominique's Desk
2009 (c) From Dominique's Desk

Creating a Balance Lifestyle

As a mom I understand the importance and need of spending time with your family.Sometimes it is extremely hard to have enough enegry and time to spend with your children after you come home from work. How then will we be able to be able to spend quality time with our family without comprimising on the results we deliver at work?

To be able to create a balanced lifestyle for yourself it is important that you create SMART goals for yourself for both your family and your self .

What are SMART Goals?

Smart goals relate to gals that you create for yourself which are sustainable, measurable, achievable, realistic and tangible.

To be able to set up goals for yourself in the different areas of your life would enable you to work more efficiently.

An example of a SMART family goal would be setting up a family schedule which everyone can follow.

Specific- Spending at least an hour each night with the kids doing educational/meaningful activities.

Measurable - Seeing a progress in both the boys reading/speach abilities.

Both boys being able to bond with both mummy and daddy and enjoy spending time together as a family as as a mom/son or dad/son pair.

Achievable- The task I scheduled to carry out are pegged to the boys ability and age.

Realisitc- Only 3 tasks are listed to be carried out each night. I find this number achievable as slotting too many into the limited

hours we have each night would be stressing on everyone.

Time Frame- I set a weekly schedule which will I feel is doable. It can be revised after letting it run for a few months.

Based on the above example I'm sure you are able to see how easy it is to create a balance lifestyle for yourself and family.


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