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Assist & Automate Business Tasks with a Website

Updated on April 7, 2016

Believe it or not, there are still people out there that are not convinced that a website is a worthy investment. This is perhaps because they are unaware just how much a highly customized website is capable of handling. We are not talking about pretty pictures here, we are talking about function.

We are also talking about money. Yes, a well-built website can save time, which means saving money. Below we look at a few tasks that can be handled by a custom developed website, however, do not let this list limit your imagination!


A website can easily act as a hub for communication with your clients in a structured, yet simplistic manner. On the most basic level, you have the email contact form. Most people stop there and do not demand more from their web developers. With the right skills, discussion forums, support ticket systems and knowledge bases are all existing methods of easing and simplifying communication with existing and prospective clients.

This also means, that when answering repetitive questions, you can refer users to a page on your website that addresses their problem - say it once and never again.

Data collection & Presentation

Here we delve into a topic that can be as simple or complex as you can imagine - but never hard. The array of data that businesses in today's information-centric world is vast and tasks such as data entry from paper to PC can be avoided by collecting, manipulating and displaying information in one system. A basic example would be a survey. A user could fill in a form on the website. Later, all the data could be tabulated, printed, exported to csv or even graphed!

Event Registration

Get your website made by the right people, and you will never have to deal with the hassle of keeping pieces of paper for each person that signs up - users can sign up from anywhere and even pay online!

Online Sales

Selling online is a growing trend and, while possible without your own website, an established business needs their own online-home to showcase and sell products. An ecommerce website can handle ordering, invoicing, payment, tax and shipping calculation. It can also double up as a way to keep a record of stock that you have.


The above examples are just a tip off the iceberg; a website or web application can assist and automate just about any repetitive business task.


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