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Right Attitude the key to Successful Change

Updated on March 15, 2013

Take up the challenge and make those successful changes

The writer at twenty
The writer at twenty
The writer at seventy-three
The writer at seventy-three

Everyone wants to be part of the inner circle

Right Attitude is the key to successful change. And make no mistake about it, the key to change is definately one of attitude. So take up the challenge and be willing to make those successful changes. But here is a short story out of my own life.

The five crowded around the tiny wardroom table: the Captain, who held the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, the First Lieutenant, the Coxswain and the Chief Engineer, both of the last, grizzled old Chief Petty Officers, and the ship's Radio Operator -me! A lad of 20 years of age who held the humble rank of Able Rating.

These were the "key" hands of a small ship of war. These were the men it was deemed had to be aboard no matter what, if the vessel was to put to sea. Each man was an essential member of a very important team-within-a-team, the bigger team being the ship's complement of three officers and 23 sailors.

Needing no prodding to contribute

That was back in 1956. As that little ship's radio operator I was proud. Sure, I was inexperienced, green. But I felt so proud to be part of such an essential inner circle. And because of this, I needed no prodding to contribute; no chastising to be as creative, innovative, inventive, positive, for despite my lowly place of being the youngest most junior person aboard one of Her Majesty's ship's, I was important, and I knew it.

The same applied to every man-jack aboard. There were no superflous supercargoes here. Every person had an essential, important job to do. And even thought morale would sometimes drop due to the long, arduous days at sea, the work was always done correctly, concientiously, unstintingly.

Make a person feel needed, appreciated

There is a lesson to be learned from this and it is this: Make a person feel needed, appreciated in his or her small team. Show them they are essential to the bigger team and those who employ them, and you've gone a long, long way towards solving the attitude problems which face so many companies and business organization today.

As Bob Crosby says in his paper: "Why Employee Involvement Often Fails" :

"... an employee involvement effort in today's terms necessitates a fundamental shift in attitudes, from viewing workers who need to be prodded, towards viewing them instead as people with valued skills who want to do excellent work and to contribute to the wellbeing of their companies."

The How to for Successful Changes -Shift in behaviour is the key

But this infers the shift should come from one side only: management. This is not the case. Employees, too, must change. The traditional adverserial roles have to be dissolved. There must be more involvement by employees in matters that traditionally have been the responsibility of management.

Shift in behaviour is the key. But it is not an easy key to turn. The lock has rusted over with 'traditional ways' and strength can hardly been found to turn it. But willingness, for real, genuine change in attitude will garner that strength and the key will turn. Then, at long last, the door will swing open letting the light of a new era of management-employee relationships, one we've all really wanted for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed reading Right Attitude is the Key to Successful Change. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments box.

Keepy happy.



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  • Success For You profile image

    Success For You 

    6 years ago

    Tom, you are spot on. I write a good bit about perspective or paradigm being a key factor in discovering purpose and ultimately designing your destiny. Will read more of your writings..

    Thanks, Aynn

  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thanks for those kind words, Tonel.


  • profile image


    8 years ago

    in my view, these are the fundamental keys to effecting change that get lost in the translation of all impressive sounding 'HBS speak.'


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