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Auctions -Auctions

Updated on December 16, 2014


Being a smart consumer- 7 tips when buying/bidding from auction site may help get that most want item. Buying the find of a lifetime is the dream of some auction shoppers and knowing what to do may get you there. Television shows are dedicated to finds that sometimes turn out to be worth a great deal of money and people are always on the lookout for that special something. These articles can be anything, baseball cards, pictures, old toys or signed baseballs.

The collections of items that may turn out to be valuable are many. Some sites are set up for people trying to get regular everyday merchandise at a discounted price. Automobile auction, furniture, computers and other useful household items are sold to everyday people all the time at, auction. Learn to know what you are looking at and auction deals may be spectacular finds, or sales; a great way to be a smart consumer.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the auctioneer. The speed of language is very fast, choose a practice run if you are a beginner. Visit auction sites on web to get a feel for the process and with live auctions just sit and listen. Before it is all done you will start to feel right at home and ready yourself for your debut as a bidder.

Each time a customer bids the property is that much closer to being won, this goes on and on until time runs out. The customer with the best bid wins, unless the bid must wait for approval. Some items have a certain threshold amount that must be reached before a bid can go through. Persons with things to auction that have a minimum bid fare better than approval biding.

Auctioneers receive money from biding and from fees paid to the auction. This is how they make their money. These are trained people and the job requires a great deal of concentration mixed with extensive people skills. When deciding upon how you want articles placed on the auction scale, these are the professionals to talk to.

There are silent auctions, all pay auction, reserve, absolute and minimum bid. Setting up a bidding procedure is a strategy for the auctioning party as well as the customer doing the bidding. The sealed bid is an interesting way to do business this stirs the curiosity before meeting the energy involved in bidding. This method is especially interesting when bidding on antiques and jewelry.

Study the merchandise, become aware of what you are buying and study any problems that may be involved. Most merchandise is on display for a certain number of days before it is finally put up for sale. Whether it is watches cars, boats or cameras. Government auctions have a wide range of items and much of the bidding is done online.

Money is paid in USD-GBP; most sites have rules about registering before you can bid and about how much upfront money is needed to participate. This is set and there is no bidding without following these guidelines. In most places fees are minimal, but others require a heavier stipulation.

Last man standing or last bidder gets to pay, winning the item. Being the first person to throw in a bid is not the wisest thing to do. Professionals are not bidders to throw around heavy money so know the group you are bidding against, and be careful not to get caught up in the bidding frenzy.

Finding a great buy on an auction site is the hope of most consumers. Being a smart consumer is being an informed one. Know as much as possible about the product your are interested in and the value of as many makes and models as possible. Know the year and if the item has any special qualities that might be of value to you. Heavy equipment may not be standard at an auto auction but may very well show up.

Biding challenges the last price stated in the battle to gain the prize, once the items deadline has closed the person with the highest bid wins the item. The auction has bought and sold merchandise of all kinds and remains extremely active today. The world has moved from horse and carriage to the World Wide Web and the auction has followed, becoming as sharply polished as the any technical device.

Shopping at Auctions

Auctions of all kinds offer a special way of acquiring things for your home, garage and many other benefits. buy items for use, hobbies or for sale all through the benefit of auction.

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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Tiffany

      This was one fantastic read! Loved every word. I voted Up + all of the choices. Your graphics usage was superb. I like hubs like this. I urge you to keep up the great work and may you have a world of success on HubPages.


      Kenneth Avery

      Your Friend for Life


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