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Auto Insurance Discounts For Domestic Partnerships

Updated on September 8, 2011

Civil Union and Domestic Partnership Laws

Whether they are called civil unions or domestic partnerships, they are legal recognition of heterosexual, gay, or lesbian couples who do not wish to, or cannot legally, marry. A growing number of states are according these couples many of the same rights as married couples. As the number of laws protecting these couples grow, so does the number of auto insurance companies offering them discounts.

Auto Insurance For Civil Unions: Esurance Discounts

Some companies are offering discounts for these couples quietly, but others like Esurance are actively seeking business from this segment of the market. A couple can see as much as a 10% discount on their premiums, since claims data shows that couples are much less likely to file claims than single persons. To insure that customers are able to take advantage of all discounts, Esurance has added civil union and domestic partnership to the marital status section of their application process. Esurance currently offers this option to customers in California, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington.

Gay and lesbian couples face the same financial challenges as a married couple. They also show the same level of responsibility, so why not offer the same discounts? Granted, Esurance is just looking at a way to expand its customer base, but it is a solid step towards equality.


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