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Automotive Advertising Techniques and Tips Your Business Can Use Right Now

Updated on December 20, 2018
Advertising Analysis
Advertising Analysis

Automotive Marketing Trends Your Business Should Be Using Right Now

Digital marketing is one industry you can count on changing often and quickly. In order for your digital marketing campaigns to be a success, you have to first understand what consumers are looking for, and then adjust your campaign efforts accordingly. Two of your primary goals should be to increase your showroom traffic and sell cars. ​

Think With Google
Your marketing efforts are affected by more than one factor, including your focus, available data, how you communicate with your customers, and how well you understand your target market. To help with this, Think With Google, which was developed early in the year 2016, released Micro-Moments. These moments offered insights on how well automotive digital marketing efforts and interactions led to actual vehicle purchases by consumers who were looking to buy a vehicle. These moments included, which car is best, is it right for me, can I afford it, where should I buy it, and am I getting a deal.

Social Video Sharing
In 2017, video dominated social media, as it does today. Video marketing is a key marketing trend you can't afford to not have. Did you know live streaming videos are watched more than two times longer than videos that are pre-recorded? Consumers who are interested in buying a vehicle often use YouTube to help them make their final decision. Did you know more than 50 percent of consumers who were interested in buying a car and used YouTube for help were more influenced than those who shopped for vehicles using magazines or newspapers?

Invest In Mobile Marketing

Did you know 18 percent of vehicle shoppers use their cell phones to find vehicles, while more than 50 percent of vehicle shoppers use more than one device to find a car? This means your marketing strategy should include mobile users. Your dealership needs to have better options and prices of your competition. Your marketing strategies need to cater to the need of shoppers at your dealership, as well as shoppers at other dealerships.

Customer Experience is the New Loyalty

As a car dealer, you may be tempted to challenge your competitors by matching their prices or lowering yours, but it’s better to work smarter and not harder. Instead of comparing prices, focus on the customer’s experience by improving your business’ customer service engagement and skills. Customers who have an excellent experience with customer service at your dealership creates references through word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth references travel quicker and have more of an impression on other people than any form of advertisement.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Creative Marketing Trends Your Business Should Utilize In 2019

Along with digital automotive marketing trends, you need to come up with a few creative marketing strategies to give you the sales results you desire. Creative marketing trends for the automotive industry involve small businesses and large companies, which is why your marketing ideas need to coordinate with the right strategy. You need to focus on services and sales. The good news is there are hundreds of ways you can utilize marketing trends for the upcoming year.

Create How-To Videos and High-Quality Content
How-to videos are one way you can establish authority in the automotive industry. With these videos, you can educate your customer base and build trust. You will also need high-quality content that discusses with your customers why your dealership is better than your competition. Customers are more willing to believe you when you give them insight into your business. Always remember to state the mission of your business and what it stands for in your videos. These videos need to be posted on social media platforms that receive high amounts of traffic each month. Adding a welcome video for new customers is an added touch that will stick out in customer's minds.

Offer An Incentive Program
Incentive programs are one way you can encourage and possibly increase a customer's return to your dealership. Excellent first impressions are crucial for your business because these impressions are often the determining factor of whether a customer wants to do business with you. As far as incentive programs are concerned, offering repairs is one way you can incorporate this type of program in your business. You could offer 50 percent off of oil change prices, inspections or other maintenance services you offer after a customer pays for parts, tires or other services you offer to keep current customers. Everyone likes rewards and saving money, which makes incentive programs the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for your customers.

Send Customized Postcards

You can send postcards to your customers to let them know you are thinking of them during season changes, birthdays, and other special occasions, such as deals or current specials you have. Sending postcards is one way to maintain customer loyalty by showing you care. When you send postcards during season changes, make sure you specify the maintenance services a car needs during this time and other beneficial information that will help your customers. By sending postcards to your customers, those who are new and current will think of you before they consider another dealership and spread the word about your advice, specials, and deals.

Share Exclusive Content

Everyone wants to feel special, especially your customers. Customers want to feel their relationship with your business is mutual. They give you their business and you give them exclusive content, such as behind the scenes video access to your staff members discussing common auto issues, then making the necessary repairs on a vehicle. Giving your customers an inside look of your business helps you build trust and gain more authority with them.

Automotive advertising can be the best thing that has happened to your business if it is done correctly. It's time for you to save your hard-earned money and let your advertising do the work for you.

Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use

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