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Avoid the Situation Where Your Domain Name Is Taken By Others by Renewing Your Domain Name

Updated on November 30, 2013

The Importance Of Domain Name Renewal

We are not still very sure that you realize what the consequences are when the domain renewal is not done when the time has come. This article is meant to point out at you the inconveniences of this fact along with the things that you can do not to reach this unpleasant moment.

* One thing that can happen is that your domain name can become available to other people who just wait around the corner to get hold of a website name that is already popular. If this happens, do you know what it means? It means that all those months or perhaps year that you have spent into building traffic on your website will vanish in the thin air. There will be another website owner to enjoy your work, your money and time invested in running successfully your online business.

* It would be more difficult for you to start building another website and gain traffic for it ... again; not to mention that it can be very detrimental for your business as well.

As such you should always remember to have domain renewal done in the right time. One thing that you can do to avoid this is to register the name for longer period of time such as one year or even more. If you go with ICANN registrars you will find them offering registration periods reaching the maximum of 10 years. This service is provided to you at discount if you reach for registering for several years.

When you want to find out when the expiration date is, you should check with your account that exists in the registrar company you have signed with. Another place where you can look for this information is the "Whois" data that come with any other domain name registration agency.

However, the good news is that these agencies will send notifications informing their customers about the expiration date. You should pay attention to these notifications to come from your company since there are many other frauds sending emails about this domain renewal. You may come across these emails but you should stay away from them because they are only after your money and nothing else.

One other thing that you should be aware of is that together with the expiration date you will be given with a grace period of 30 days where you have time to pay the domain renewal but also with a penalty fee. Other registration services come with other 30 days known as redemption period where again you can still make the renewal. Once this period reaches an end there will be other 5 days during which your domain name is deleted and then included on the list of available names for sale.

Reasons for Domain Renewal

Here, I will introduce you to the importance of getting your domain renewal in case you still have doubts about this.

* We will start with an example that sends you mostly to the activity of running a land based business. This enterprise has its own name and you have rented a place to display this activity for the customers. If you are compelled to move the location of your business because the rental contract has expired you will have to renew the address of the business for the customers to be able to find you. The same goes for domain renewal only this happens with the virtual store location and name. Once the name is not renewed then you are deemed to lose customers.

* Even if you plan to switch websites along with domain addresses, the customers will go to the old address and find out that you are not there any more. This is the moreover important for those customers who haven't been on your website for some time and still have your page bookmarked for future reference. Yes, they may search for your new URL but they can still think that your business is off and thus risking to losing them for good.

* Another domain renewal reason will be that you will avoid that situation where your name has expired and you will have to start all over again from scratch. Now you know already what this implies. You will have to go again through the long process of getting your website search engine optimized to build traffic on your newly started website, and so on. Therefore, you will want to avoid this from happening.

* Without having a domain renewal you will have to change as well the internet services such as online banking. Your business makes use of a lot of internet services and all these can be lost along with the necessary information that you won't receive any more if you have a new email address. If you look at the things from this perspective as well you will find them be very frustrating. Just take a minute and think of these consequences and then you will pay more attention to the importance of domain renewal for the well being of your online business.

* Last, but not least, once your domain name is not renewed it can easily enter in the possession of another business owner who can take advantage of the SEO techniques that you have implemented into making your website popular. They will benefit also from the back links you have worked so much into building them for further references.

Given all the reasons from above, you still consider that domain renewal is not important?

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How To Renew Domain Names In Your Account

Have You Forgotten to Do This?

If you have followed this far; it means that you are one of the many website owners who have reached the position where they have omitted to pay for their domain renewal. It is true that many registering services include in their purchasing process the option to generate an automatic billing to your site when the day has come to renew the domain.

But as it happens on various occasions, you could simply overlooked this option once you have purchased the domain name and registered it. This article will indicate what exactly you can do in the event that you have forgotten to do a domain renewal.

Check these out:

* Make sure that this problem won't occur in the future and you can choose one of these two options: you can keep track of the date when the name is set to expire. You can for instance set a reminder of this fact on your computer or any other mobile device that you make use of daily.

The other option that you have is to consider purchasing the domain name for an extended period of time (try with three or five years). You may be even offered with discount price if you purchase for more years even if many website owners who are at the beginning work on a limited budget. Check with this option in case you are set to run the business for many years to come.

* You must know that once your domain name expires because you haven't paid domain renewal, then you are given with a grace period f 30 days during which you have the time to purchase it. Well, this price comes as well with penalty fees, but if you want to get hold of your business, then it is worth paying these fees. If you do not have any interest in preserving your domain-s then you will be better with letting them go and that's it!

* Make use of an alternative that can act as insurance for your website domain name. In this respect you need to find out if the company you register with have the option known as 'backordering'. This option will enable you to get back your domain name in case this one has been purchased by someone else. You can place the backorder of the domain name registration but it can take you some good years before you get it back.

* Another alternative in the case of omitting to pay for domain renewal would be to contact the person who has purchased the domain name after your name has been put for sale. You will find that many former owners have been pinned down with 1000% higher prices of the original value of their name. But this shouldn't necessarily apply to your situation. The point is that it is worth trying into contacting the purchaser and find out what their demands are.


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