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Being an Author Gives You Credibility

Updated on January 5, 2015

Advertising your business by becoming an author about your business and your works!

The manner of advertising your business or career can be crucial to its success. At some points, the marketing communication you’re using is not enough to encourage or persuade your target market in acquiring your product, service, talent or whatever it is you want to offer. Just being known that you are in that certain field isn’t enough. You need to make an emphasis of how good you are in it and most especially, that you can be trusted in making out the best of it.

To make the right impression is not simply a matter of introduction and providing an outline. You need to create a “branding”, as companies usually associate a product name or image with certain qualities in the minds of consumers. Providing a book for your target audience is like making a business card for yourself and your merchandise. Your perspective will be available to the market as a knowledgeable assistance in their respective endeavors. Writing a book gives weight to your ideas and opinions, and nowadays it is mostly contingent upon the modern technology to publicize these creative thinking. You are to create a brand via the social media to build a stand higher and tougher than that of your competitors’ through publishing a book.

Being an author will imprint your expertise and substantial knowledge to the readers. Having published pages of relevant ideas will give an air of sophistication and respect to your work, and manipulate the consumers and clients to abide by it. By giving them access to your insights, you will have credibility and gain the consumers’ and clients’ trust. You will naturally be implied as dominant in your field and your ideas supposed to be sought-after, as having been written a book is generally viewed as an achievement.

Credibility is very essential in mastering a business or a career. It is a protocol to have in order to ensure its stability and success. If you can deliver informative and creative innovations about your product or services through writing a book, then certainly you are reliable and dependable in your field. The book you have written will be the brand of your credibility and becomes a very suggestible tool as a help to the market’s needs. Your awareness of the field becomes a high standard, a guide or a reference for the clients and consumers. As authorship governs accountability in what has been created; you have therefore become the Authority in your field. It is a very effective way of pronouncing your proficiency, as you have demonstrated your ability in a more intellectual manner by writing it in a book. When you have already authored a book, you also have created a brand that gives you greater credibility. In marketing and building your reputation, your brand will also mark the rate of your success.

Having a published book is an inception of a stable career or business. It is also a legacy, a testament of your concepts, and the value and meaning of your work will influence the ideas of today and future generations.


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