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Updated on December 31, 2014

Market your Travel Business

Clients and consumers have to know of your presence and availability of your services so that they can utilise them. Internet marketing is a crucial tool, and it ranges from informational blogs and websites, to advertisements placed on search engines, to online sales of products.

One can also utilise mobile marketing, which is growing in popularity as it reaches individuals at a more personal level, by sending messages to them and putting advertisements on mobile applications that they use. Email marketing is as cheap as it is effective. Through persons emails you can send business updates, offers, newsletters and coupons. As such, you reach a large audience at low costs.


The world has evolved. From the running messengers of age, to the steam engine and telegram, to the telecommuting, internet and high speed travel of today, technology has transformed all spheres of life. Today communication is done in an instant, vast amounts of information can be relayed within a short span of time, consumers can access products easier and providers can offer services faster. How can you use technology for your business?

Consumer loyalty

Get their Attention, Win their Loyalty

In addition to giving your clients awareness, you have to provide them with satisfaction for them to appreciate your business. They have to have a continued positive perception for you to maintain and increase profitability. You want them to remain your loyal clients and refer their colleagues, friends and families to your business. This is where social media marketing comes in.

Consumers and clients in today's age rely heavily on social media platforms on information about a business. This is as, through such, they get to communicate with persons who have been your clients and see their perception of your business. Furthermore, unsatisfied clients turn to social media to vent their frustrations. Negative attention on social media can cripple a business, while positive comments can bolster it. As such, you should create pages for your travel business on these social media platforms, in addition to your website and blog, in order to communicate with your clients. Determine from them what pleases them and tend to their concerns.

Increase your Efficiency and Productivity

The efficient running of a travel business relies heavily on the relation of its systems with each other, with the prevention of collision of employees and tasks. This calls for effective management and technology helps achieve this. For instance, previously, passports and visas could only be obtained from embassies and this created stress and work overload. Today, one can purchase visas, for instance a Turkish visa, upon arrival at the airport. One simply purchases it and heads on to passport control.

Cloud Computing

This caters for the characteristic scalability of the travel industry. During seasonal rush, like Christmas and New Year holidays, the number of available servers can be scaled up, then scaled down when demand is low.

Cloud computing will save your business from incurring massive funds on infrastructure and enable easy data management. It is flexible and can be accessed from anywhere via any device connected to the internet, increasing the overall efficiency of your business.


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