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Bad Economy or Bad Mentality?

Updated on September 13, 2009

The Unecessities In Life.

When I woke up this morning I the economy was on my mind. I have no idea why, probably because I keep hearing how bad it is and people are struggling all over looking for jobs etc. I began to think back about what economics was really all about. I remember that it deals with how to use limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants. My mind was thinking 7,000,000,000 people is a lot of people to have unlimited wants, as I laughed to my self. I thought if everyone wanted everyone else to have their basic needs meet then there would be no "economic crisis". Please indulge me for a moment, and imagine a place where everyone had food, water, air and shelter (all supplied by nature). The economist claim that there is enough food to feed the current population, however the wasteful greedy mentality of certain people and an inefficient distribution system make it difficult for everyone to have access to food.

I was meditating on this issue and I see that three is not a bad "economy", there i s a bad mentality that is running rampant inhuman nature. The name of the culprit is "LUST". People just could never be satisfied, they always want more, yet their real needs remain the same. This is what I see, food is a necessity, everyone needs to eat yet, human society designs a system where some may eat luxuriously $500 bottle of wine, $1000 plate of food. Why? Maybe I am not as intelligent as I thought but I really cannot figure that out, oh yes I can, I have to show off how well I could put food in my lustful mouth.

Materialism, oh man people are looking to suffer! Too great an attachment to material things and sense gratification is what is running the economy or the human mentality. I struggle with these same issue, so I am not claiming saint hood or I am better than anyone else, I am stating that I have realize that these issues really need to be taken seriously. I see people with so many idle resources, car collections, what! House collections What! Two million dollar shoes oh man they must really love their feet.

I went to visit the mansions of Newport Rhode Island and I was amazed. What a great way to waste resources. These houses are so big that you need at least 50 servants per house, now they are tourist attractions. One house had a 50X50 foot state dining room. You literally could fit a small house in the one room. Now I thought I had a big ego, once I seen this home, I was baffled. These "homes" were like small companies because they require so much resources for maintenance.

For some strange reason my mind drifted to ancient Egypt, it is claimed that the Pharaohs, would try to take their material possessions with them to the "next life". I do love ancient Egyptian culture, but honestly if that was the case that makes no sense. I now read that people are getting buried in their cars because they love the so much.

Jesus said something like "what propheteth a man to gain the world and lose his eternal soul", I see the wisdom in his words, especially when thinking about our current economic trend. Krsna warned about Lust and greedy, leading to anger because one could never get satisfied, then to wrath because of the uncontrollable desires. This is what is happening.

Now my real issue is this, people claim that they love their fellow humans yet we have so many people starving throughout the world, children in particularly. I have a soft spot for children, the precious little ones. It really is painful to look starving children in the eyes. Once again our old enemy lust is the reason. People may what to have some thought before they bring children into a world where they cannot even provide the basic needs for 2,000,000,000 people.

The more ancient teaching taught that civilizedhumans should learn to control their senses and their mind. They gave four regulated principles to help us do so no intoxication, no meat eating, no gambling and no illicit sex (sex out side of wedlock for pleasure). Man kind of strict, that is what I first thought. Looking at what we have running around on the planet now, I had to go back and say I honestly agree with the ancient teaching. Simple living and higher thinking is what the teacher Srila Phrabhupada, the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness taught.

I know I have far to go against this enemy called lust that leads me to do unecessary things, and get myself in trouble some days. I know that I have to fight my wasteful ways and be more considerate of others. I know I must be more responsible in determining what is a want versus what is a need, so I am able to take more intelligent actions and helpt to influence a more responsible humanity society.

For all who read this I hope you also look at yourself and see what improvement you desire to make on yourself. I wish you the best on lifes' journey.


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The Good life just playing the flute and living in bliss.The beautiful one and the Loving LadyThe great and grand image.The champion risingThe great finisherOh what a runJust relasing, life is great.
The Good life just playing the flute and living in bliss.
The Good life just playing the flute and living in bliss.
The beautiful one and the Loving Lady
The beautiful one and the Loving Lady
The great and grand image.
The great and grand image.
The champion rising
The champion rising
The great finisher
The great finisher
Oh what a run
Oh what a run
Just relasing, life is great.
Just relasing, life is great.


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