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Bar Promotion Ideas

Updated on October 27, 2013

The new age of bar promotions

Some bar promotion ideas haven't changed in years, my dad used to own a bar about 30 years ago and I still see the same old promotions done by bars all over.

Now these promotions still work or else they wouldn't do them anymore, but the 1 thing missing in most bar and restaurant promotions is and was list building.

Now with Facebook and Twitter there is a feeling of contentment when it comes to connecting with your customers, but there is another very powerful form of promotion and interacting with your customers and its mobile text marketing aka. list building

Now when you run a contest or promotion you have the customer text your business name to a short code (example: text: billspub to 69696)

Now what this means is stretching your advertising dollars by gathering cell phone numbers from your current promotion and promoting future promotions to existing list members that have already shown interest in your business.

This form of advertising is the most powerful form of adverting ever, all advertising has its place in your business, and your text marketing details should be added to all forms of your bars promotion.

Here is a great example, if your bar is near a campus you could put an ad in their newspaper about a wet t-shirt contest the ad could read "Wet T-Shirt Contest text billspub to 69696 to get more info"

Now from that ad lets say you get 30 subscribers, that means next time you have an event at your bar you send 1 text message and your whole list gets it WITHIN 10 SECONDS and text messages have a 98% open rate.

Another example would be now that you have a list, text your list this: For the next 2 hours come to Bills Pub and bring a friend and you both get half priced draft beer.

Any one interested in bar promotion ideas call me at 715-817-0096 ask for Russ or leave a message and I will get right back to you.

Im also offering 1st month free to get you started then just $39 a month for up to 100 subscribers.

And by the way my messaging platform allows you to also ad your texts to facebook and twitter, 1 text does it all.

Viral bar promotion ideas

Ok in this example im going to to use a draft beer special, you can use whatever you like, again this is just an example.

Lets say you want to have a night for 50 cent drafts. What you would do is put up little table top cards and posters that say get 50 cent drafts by texting draft to (222-222-2222 example #) and they will get a text back with a coupon for the special.

Now you have done 2 things, 1 is building your list for future promotions because when they texted in for the coupon they were opted in to your list so they knew this when they accepted the coupon and they can opt out anytime.

The 2nd thing you did which i didn't mention before is start a viral campaign, how you ask? Im glad you asked, you see on the posters and table tents you put up earlier you also add that if they share this with their friends by texting a coupon to their friends and get (5,6,7 whatever you choose) friends to come in the person sharing this gets their draft beer for 25 cents, now their friends will do the same thing and on and on.

Our system will do exactly that and much more, free trials available, call 715-817-0096 ask for Russ and I will get you started.

Customer Loyalty Using Mobile

Thinking again back to the bar my dad owned, we use to buy the customers at least 1 beer during their stay (as long as they already had a few).

Deal Text has now developed a new customer loyalty software that can reward your customer with a free drink after 3,4,5 drinks (you decide).

All the customer has to do is enter their cell phone number on a tablet provided by us, their info is saved and so is their loyalty points, or punch's, they can even earn more loyalty points or punch's for sharing it on FB and or Twitter.

This again is called list building, future bar promotions can be sent to all members on your list with 1 text message

Call us at 715-817-0096


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