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How You Can Become A Person of Influence

Updated on March 15, 2016
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Barine Sambaris is a an entrepreneur and freelance writer. Her post revolves mainly round business, success, entrepreneurship and writing.

influence is the master key.
influence is the master key.

Are you influential?

Each year, Forbes magazine publishes their list of influential people in the world. Most readers see this list as another name for the rich/successful people of the world. After all only top shots make it to the list. There is a difference between being successful and being influential, though most times they go hand in hand.
Influence is commanding respect. Influence is making impact. People who are influential have touched lives, have powerful effects on people or events, left their footprints in the sands of time and are role models to others. Whether wealthy or not, influential persons are missed when they gone.
Not every influential person makes it to Forbes list, but they are around us every day; touching lives, filling needs, making impacts and commanding respect. You don’t need to be as popular as Beyoncé, a political figure like Obama or as rich as Bill Gates to be a person of influence.
Have you ever been part of a group or team where you’ll notice that some persons are more relevant than others? Their opinions are respected. Their ideas valued and considered. When they talk people listen. When they are not around they are missed. They are around us; pastors, mothers, fathers, friends, colleagues, employers, respected members of the society etc.
Most persons who are used to being back benchers wonder, why do I get to that level? How do I stand up to talk and have people listen, not just for politeness sake, but because they want to hear what I have to say? How do I not stay hidden in a group? How do I make myself relevant?

You can become a person of influence too

Influence might not seem so important if you want to be a follower or an employee for the rest of your life. But when you have things at stake, you’ll realize the power of influence. That’s why am going to give you a few tips on how to become a person of influence. These tips works in daily life, work place, or in your career.
Here’s how to become a person of influence

 See a need, Fill a need
A small church in London wanted a piece of land that a bigger church wanted. But the land was given to the smaller church, because of the influence the small church had in that community. The small church was involved in the daily activities of the community and they helped out however they could; providing medical care, cleaning the gutters etc.
Every influential person touches lives by filling needs.

 Trustworthiness/Integrity
Are you trustworthy? Are you a person of integrity? Can people trust you? If they can’t trust your integrity, then you are notorious not influential. If people keep saying bad things about you like you are liar and thief and stuff like that, your reputation suffers and so does your influence. Unless you are a drug baron who uses force and fear to control people.

 Take on responsibilities
Do you know why parents are very influential in the lives of their children? Apart from the care and love they show their kids, they take on responsibilities. They are willing to do the things the kids are not willing to do, or have not learnt the importance of doing.
Before my dad died, he was the center of my world. He did everything possible as the bread winner of the family to make life easier for us. My mum was a stay-at-home mum. She cleaned, cooked and supported my dad and us. As at then, to me, cleaning and cooking didn’t seem like much to me.
After my dad died, I saw my mum take on more responsibilities; both hers and my dad. She shouldered the family and catered for us. Most times, it was hard for her. She put us first, even before her own personal life. Seeing her take on both father and mother roles has changed my perspective of her. She now has a big influence on my life, just like my dad did. She is still her quiet, easy going self, only with more influence and power. And even now I’ve come to realise that cooking and cleaning and maintaining a home is a lot harder than it looks.
If you want to be influential, do not dodge responsibilities.

 Be bold, be outspoken
If you have been in a gathering or meeting with persons who are influential, you’ll notice they do not always stay mute. Most times they are even the ones presiding over the meeting. I do not mean that you become loud and boisterous or a talkative. But if you have a useful opinion or suggestion, then it should be heard. Do not always think that the next person will say it. Always say your mind. Ask questions where needed.
 Be hardworking
Lazy persons can rarely be influential. People do not want to hear what a lazy man has to say, no matter how intelligent he is. He is all talk and no action.
If you want to stand out, then you have to be hardworking. Do not shy away from work and responsibilities. If something is delegated to you, do it. If you don’t know how to, learn. Stop giving excuses. It is for losers.

 Always have something to offer
I was delegated to join a singing group, and I discovered I wasn’t really making an impact there. I have a nice voice, but isn’t much of a singer. Even after being with them for months, my presence there wasn’t felt. If I came late, the others wouldn’t realize I wasn’t there in the first place, yet we were less than 20. So I offered to be the secretary of the group and before long, I became more relevant. If I either missed a meeting or came late, I would receive calls asking me where I was. It made me smile. I wanted to be relevant, and I was.
To be a person of influence, you must be relevant and to do that you should always have something to offer.

Being controlling is not really being influential. People who are controlling use threats, force, and manipulation. People do things for them out of fear and not necessarily respect.

Do you think you are influential.

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Benefits of being influential

Being a person of influence comes with its perks and responsibilities.
 You become relevant
 You command respect when you are influenctial
 Being influential makes you outstanding
 Influence paves way for you. People know you and know what you are capable of, they are willing to help you out.
 You get to be a role model.

After reading this, do you think you have what it takes to be a person of influence?

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© 2016 Barine Sambaris


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