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Become a successful blogger: How to start? How to pick your topic? How to design and bring in thousands of views daily.

Updated on January 21, 2014

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a successful writer or blogger? I have! Not only do I constantly dream about it, but I work my butt of trying to make my dreams come true. Any person that has been writing for a living knows that it takes a lot more to become successful in this business than to simply have great article topics. It also means being able to draw in thousands if not millions of viewers a month to get earn more than a descent living.

If you want to be a writer, a blogger, a book author, a twitter magnet, a leader or a follower there is really no reason why you shouldn't start on your dream and be a success at it.

Some of the most popular and most successful writers and bloggers have started out with a super simple idea: Make money from their writing. Ever since then, there are hundreds of success and millionaire stories of people that make thousands a month, because they write about subjects that not only attract readers, but people search for these people specifically because readers trust that they will have the information that they need and want.

But how to start a successful blog, and make a lot of money from it? Well, that is the question that hundreds of people ask every 10 minutes, and few actually manage to get the answers that they want and make the money that they want.

Well, the first thing that there is to know about the writing business in general, is that there is a lot and I do mean A LOT of competition. Today, with the way the economy has so many people struggling to find jobs, many people are taking it upon themselves to find various ways of making an income. So, many people turn to writing because for one: Its easy, two: It doesn't take long to look up information about where to write for money, and three: anyone can make money from their writing and other sources such Adsense and Chikita.

Well, the most important part about starting to make money online is knowing for sure what you want to do with your time and putting some serious effort into the business. For those that want to write for fun, but bring traffic to their sites, Blogs are the perfect way to make extra money. Then, there are writing sites such as Helium, Triond and so on, and then there are personal websites such as freelance websites that people can join or sign up for and make their own profile.

For those that want to start their own business, work for other websites but eventually have their own business, a personal blog is the perfect way to start, because it gives people the chance to have a space to write, and also choose what subjects to focus on and talk about it in as much detail as possible.

The thing about becoming a successful blogger, is knowing that it takes time and effort to not only write but bring in traffic to the blog. Every writer knows that if they do not work or write, they do not get paid. Well this is pretty much the same for a blogger: if you dont keep your blog alive, you wont earn anything from your blogs or articles.

First things First: Its all about the TOPIC!

So, you want to write. OK! About what? Who's your audience? Where are you going to submit your blog? How many blogs do you want to have?

You see all of the questions that go into writing a blog? Anyone can write for fun, but if you want to have a proper paycheck coming from any blog or website that you have, you need to make sure that your work means something to other people. You don't necessarily need to become best friends with your audience (although, it wouldn't hurt), but you do need to have a steady audience and this means having a topic that people want to read about, and having those people keep coming back to your blog!

The whole problem with bloggers today is that many people write about their lives. OK, great! But not many write in detail or about things that other people want to hear about. A working or monetize blog will only work if the person keeps up with what's going on around the web, and if its intriguing to more than the targeted audience.

I've seen great blogs where people write about writing, and money and how to bring in traffic. BUT they also write about current events such as: News, whats going on around the world, celebrity news and tips on basic issues or every day issues. Basically, they make sure that they have a little bit of everything in their blogs. Why? well, why do people stick around popular sites? Because they enjoy looking at all of the information that they see and if its great information then they keep coming back!

Step two and Three: How to pick a topic and bring in SERIOUS traffic.

One of the things that many writers get stuck on is narrowing down their topics or having a niche. Well, as most writes know, there is no reason why people should write about only one topic. The whole point of writing, is to have the freedom to write about as many topics as possible or to make money from more than one blog.

Picking a topic is not hard. Or at least it shouldn't be. Its all about writing about something you know well and all about it. If you know about editing, then your Blog should be about editing. If you know about how to fix houses, then your blog should be about that. If you know about multiple subjects, then you can have multiple blogs! There's actually no reason why you should do only one blog if you have more than one idea!

If you are serious about writing, then the next thing that you should do, is just that WRITE! Many people, too many of them get stuck on getting traffic to a blog. But, the sad part is that they do not have anything for the audience to read. This is where the problems start. If you want to have continuous traffic, Write and write and then write some more. Why???

Its very simple really: Most readers will not like your work, but its OK! Others will. What this means is that in order to get traffic, there needs to be something in your blog that will keep your readers or audience to stay there! Once you have more than one post written on your blog, then more people will come to see what else you have for them to read!

Sometimes we get soo stuck on the get traffic part of blogging that we forget that we need to have something to attract readers with. Many bloggers actually take their time to blog and build up their blog, until its completely finished before they announce it!

Its kind of like a magazine: why would you offer people to come and read your magazine, if you have a total of two pages for them to read? See! It makes no sense. This is also the reason why so many blogs often do not make it after the first month.

In order to get as much traffic as possible to your blog, dress it up a bit! Have fun with it! Use live colors, put pictures up and most importantly write in it. There is nothing worse than seeing a blog with only a few posts in it, but nothing else to catch the eye of the reader. You know why so many blogs have millions of views monthly? Because people literally spend hours designing it, writing on it, keeping it up to date. Some even get lucky enough that when people love what the blog is all about, they recommend it to other people and that's where the traffic begins to pour in!

So, here are my tips, and there are a lot more coming up! So, stay tuned!!

Much love!


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