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Updated on August 10, 2010

If you scroll down on their site you will see the grayed out area that they admit their information is not accurate.

"While we are constantly updating and refining our database and service, we do not represent or warrant that the results provided will be 100% accurate and up to date. BeenVerified. is a database of publicly available sources of information aggregated for your convenience. BeenVerified. does not provide private investigator services and this information should not be used for employment, tenant screening, or any FCRA related purposes. BeenVerified. does not make any representation or warranty as to the character or the integrity of the person, business, or entity that is the subject of any search inquiry processed through our service."

So if they feel this way, why is their commercial have people on there saying, yea I found information on my babysitter since I want to know who is around my children. But the grayed out area on their sites says this should not be used for employment, tenant screening and so on. Their commercial, which I saw on TV just last night, that THEY put together shows that you can use the site for finding out who is going to be around your children like for babysitting but their site's "disclaimer" (that they also put together) says something else. And then their tagline: America's #1 Background Check -- WTF?! How is it #1 for any part of the world when the rest of their disclaimer says it shouldn't be used for employment or any of that (they know their information is NOT good enough to be used for that)? How can they be #1 background check after stating they do not provide accurate information?

I am not sure why they are even making an attempt to sell inaccurate information on you and everyone else. I did a check on myself to see what data they had and the only thing they had right about me was a city I used to live in over a decade ago and my real name. Aliases they got wrong. I go by my name and nothing else. Relatives they had wrong and I can go on. Over 99% of the information that had on me was wrong. So why in the hell would anyone pay them for wrong information? Hell, if you pay me a good amount of money, I'll be GLAD to give you the RIGHT information. Accurate information comes with a hefty price. Inaccurate information (BeenVerified) should be free.

That's like or trying to charge you for the information they have gathered from public information and even some of their data is inaccurate. But they don't charge. So if you wouldn't pay YellowPages or WhitePages then why would you even begin to consider paying BeenVerified for information THEY SAY THEMSELVES IS NOT ACCURATE and has been proven to NOT be accurate? If you just want to give money away, then donate money to me through PayPal. I'm serious. Contact me for my PayPal information if you've just got money to throw away.

If anyone wants REAL and accurate information on someone, then pay the price for 100% accurate information versus paying BeenVerified and they hadn't even verified anything and don't intend to based on this statement found on their site: "BeenVerified. is a database of publicly available sources of information aggregated for your convenience." They just found some info through search engines more than likely and put it on one site. That's it. They have NO intent to verify a single bit of information. Do a check on yourself and tell me how accurate it is. And then let me know if you're the type of person who is willing to pay for partially or fully inaccurate information. Anything short of 100% accurate information is a waste especially when that little part that might be accurate can be found in a search engine COMPLETELY FREE of charge. You might as well just take the word of the individual you are doing a "background" check on. Seriously. Save your money, folks. Seriously.

I guess BeenVerified (though they have not verified anything because if they did, the information they have on "me" would be 100% accurate) feel that you and the rest are dumb enough to pay them for inaccurate information. Question is: Are you?


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      bg 7 years ago

      You're right! They didn't even have me with my married name.