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Behind the Scenes of a Home-Based Business: Is it Freedom or Confinement?

Updated on May 7, 2017

A typical day in a home-based business begins with a wonderful sense of freedom, especially from the tyranny of a cooperate boss. You have no one else to answer to besides yourself. However, this is where the comfort of self-employment ends. The entrepreneur’s idea of a relaxed, fun-filled day characterized by an absence issues and challenges is largely an illusion.

Some days are more chaotic than others, depending on the demands of the customers and the resources you need to make things operate more easily.


The significance of prioritizing cannot be emphasized. If you don’t have a sense of order, then you might as well shut your business down. Order and structure to the smooth operation of a home-based business are like unclogged arteries to the success of the circulatory system.

3 things you need to do immediately when you start work

The first things you must do when you start the work day are to communicate with customers, answer inquiries and address complaints.

Communicate with customers

The business’s heart and soul are its customers. The people who buy from us are the ones who empower us to become number one in the marketplace. Therefore, we must remain in constant contact with them every day

Answer Inquiries

During business hours, we must always be available for customers to provide answers to their questions and concerns. Many home business start-ups may neglect to put customer concerns first because they would rather concentrate on making money and doing deals. Such approach is a mistake. Customers run away and join the competition when they cannot get answers to their inquiries.

Address complaints

The quickest way to get a stressful business day back on track is to address complaints. Never let fear of complaints stop you from doing what is correct. The more you delay returning the phone call of an angry customer, the more pressure will build on you to go ahead and make the call. But if you continue to ignore it, handling the problem will become increasingly difficult. Customers will become irate and go to the competition for satisfaction.

Working at home vs working in corporate office

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Therefore, answer the complaints as soon as possible. You might not want to hear anyone yelling at you through the phone, but it is your duty to see that every customer is satisfied.

With the importance of the customer in mind, great entrepreneurs are quick to address problems. As a result, they learn invaluable lessons as well as improve their characters.

If you run a home-based business with no additional employees, you will have to connect with customers non-stop. From the time, you start your day to the time you shut down shop, you will have to juggle the above three priorities. In addition, you have tons of other duties and responsibilities to complete, a few of which includes:

  • Copy, sort, and file important records and documents
  • Update and maintain data base systems
  • Understand and implement software
  • Perform book keeping or light accounting
  • Complete bank transaction
  • Mail bills, contracts, and invoices
  • Operate machinery, including
    • the voice mail system
    • personal computers and tablets
    • scanners
    • fax machines
    • photocopying

The above duties are vital to the smooth operation of any business. Sometimes a day may become so overwhelming that working overtime will often be required.

Working at Home vs. Commuting to Work

Although working at home can be hectic at times, it still has its advantages over commuting to work at a cooperate office. The biggest benefit is gas savings. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the of gas is 10.83% of our total monthly budget. When gas prices go up, so will the cost of commuting go up.

Another advantage of working at home is that we can avoid traffic jams, especially if we live in a large city such as New York or Los Angeles where millions of drivers are trying to get to work. The stress of traffic jams can cause us to arrive at work with an unpleasant attitude. As a result, our day becomes an emotional nightmare.

The long ride home

Driving home from work in a traffic jam lasting 2 hours or longer can be very stressful, resulting in accidents due to tiredness. After a grueling day at work, many commuters just want to drive straight home and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. However, in large cities or places where traffic is nightmarish, the hope of getting home quickly is in vain.

Therefore, a typical day operating a home-based business can be financially beneficial and less stressful than a routine day of commuting to and from work in the cooperate world.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs who work at home must understand that operating any business isn’t a fairytale. It requires challenging work, focus and keeping the big picture in mind.


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