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Being in a Negative Work Enviorment

Updated on October 14, 2014

In today's economy it is hard to find a job. While many people take whatever they can get, some people are not happy with their job.

Some people work in a negative environment. They have higher ups who put them down. They make them feel that their work is not good enough. A worker can be doing everything they could but the higher up may make them feel as if they are worthless. Some boss's don't even like when their employees ask them a question.

Then there are people who gossip at work. If you are a new employee it could make working there very awkward because you know that if they talk about other worker's they could be talking about you.

There may even be some people who at work that you just don't click with. Once again it could make working there be very awkward.

Try to keep some things in perspective. Everything is temporary. Unless this is your dream job remember that. You might have this job until you find your dream job. Just because something looks one way does not mean it will be that way forever.

You never know what happens at work. Some people leave and others come. You could get a new manager who will transfer that will appreciate you. Your old manager may leave because like you they want a new career.

Think about other areas in life in which you are happy. If you have good friends than you shouldn't be begging for these people's attentions. They are just people you work with. If you have good people in your life you should not care about the wrong ones.

Work hard but go after your goal. If this is just until you find something better than try going for that. Ask yourself how can you get your dream job? Work hard at this job but keep applying to jobs where you really want to work.

Being positive in a negative work environment could be hard but if you are around negative people you will turn negative. Don't let what other people say or do effect you as easy as it sounds. If you let what they say effect you, you could end up with anxiety and depression. So try your best to be positive and go after what you want.


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