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Benefits of Using an E-Learning Management System

Updated on January 11, 2013

An e-learning management system is beneficial for companies, home businesses and schools. The benefits include a wide range of possibilities such as online courses, employee training, record-keeping, and tracking documents that come in and out of a business or company. Many schools have gone to a learning management system to offer better online courses for students that may not be able to come to a campus on a regular basis.


A forthcoming style in this type of system is the creation of Channel Learning. Channel Leaning is where organizations share online contents and learning with their associate companies. According to research conducted by, channel learning is not the reason they invest in an e-learning management system, but often there is an area missing where the HR department supervises employee education and improvement plans and where the focus is completely inside customary business limits. A management e learning system offers companies a new way to offer courses and information online.

There are many different corporations that use management systems to automate record-keeping and employee registration. They can easily range from keeping track of training and instructional records to distributing courses over the Internet with online collaboration. Other primary uses include administration documentation tracking, reporting of programs, classroom online events, and training content. The everyday e-learning management system should include the ability to automate and centralize administrative task, the ability for users to serve their selves, deliver learning content rapidly, web-based platform, training incentives, support standards, and to be able to personalize the content for the management system.

One of the lead e-learning management systems that pops up when Google is Inspired Learning. Inspired Learning calls it the heart of the total learning solution. They offer many different options for your learning platform and provide support if you come across any problems. It's a whole training and learning management system that is highly affordable along with being SCORM and AICC complaint to produce, track, and control all of your internet and in class instructional programs in a variety of different languages. If you need to train 25 people or 25 thousand, the site says it is incredibly easy to use and can fit your needs and budget. It is even cloud-based - where you can pick it up and use it from anywhere with an internet connection! They also offer thousands of courses that are available through the program such as, books, business skills, desktop applications, health and safety, IT skills and leadership, OSHA, project management, six sigma, and test prep. Inside each of the courses offered is a list of classes that you can take to add more specific skills to your endeavors. They are trusted by Fortune 500 organizations that offers a client list of Bank of Tokyo, Bridgestone Americans, Med University, DTE Energy, USDA, AAA Arizona, ABB, Canadian Pacific, Franklin Templeton Investments, ING, CME Group, and Redbox along with many others.

Another leading e-learning management system would be the FlexTraining which also offers a complete full service e-learning experience. They offer sample courses to look or the option of building your own. There is also a quick start training page to keep all the tools needed to develop and track the live training. With a 90 day pilot and tech support from actual software developers, not overseas contractors allows the best support that you can possibly get from your programs.


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    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 4 years ago

      Very interesting and well done hub. I definitely learned some new things. Thanks for the info.