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Are These The Best Five Businesses? Fashion, Finance, Food, Fornication and Fun

Updated on October 21, 2012

Consider This

About 30 years ago I met John Hayward, the man who changed my life and because of him the book Aspirational Attainment was written and dedicated to him

One of his favourite things was to explain to me why the five businesses in the title above were forever ones to be involved in. I will add a sixth one at the end as when he was telling me about the 5 Fs the one I am now involved in, Green, did not really exist in the way it does now.

Fashion is an area we all get involved in from buying our underwear, socks, dresses, suits, trousers and very currently wedding dresses. The style gurus in that world, be they the designers or the wearers of Fashion give us all an insight into what we should wear and how we should look and this is good for business and thus money.

Finance is pertinent to all of us whether it is home budgeting or business budgeting or whether it is like the Banking World, screwing it up for all of us yet now making enormous profits and giving out huge bonuses again. We all need to keep an eye on this area of our lives.

Food of course keeps us alive but for many while we have masses of surpluses in some parts of the world many die of starvation in other parts of the world, a true condemnation of the human race and as my blog Humanity Networks states we are all now becoming more and more connected and yes we are our brothers keepers.

Ah, Fornication, now without that the human race would not progress and grow and yet with it we are growing too much for the world we live in and we need to work out how best to use the world's resources properly never mind just having fornication fun.

The business of the sex trade, the lap dancing clubs and any other forms of sexual pecadillo are down to an individuals own choices and I neither condemn nor promote them as for some it is the only way they can survive, be it in the UK or abroad.

Fun is what we should all have in our lives and so many do not and this again is an area that we need to help others with, it is hard to have fun when you are starving and the world's resources are being used profligately by some, while others have no resources at all and need finance to help and as I say money is like manure, as my other Hub explains, and unless it is spread around it does no good.

The new area is Green where we the human race are finally waking up to the need to change to renewable resources and recycle, reuse and reduce our use of resources that are not finite but will run out.

The world will not end in 2012 despite all the comments re the Mayan Calender but it will not get better unless we address the points raised above and any comments are welcome.


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