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Best Legitimate Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Updated on August 21, 2011

Many mothers choose to stay home and make family and children their number one priority in life. For a lot of moms, being there for their families is what they are happy to be doing. Yet, they still may have an inner desire to pursue a particular interest and even earn some money in their spare time. There are also moms who desperately want top earn a living, but may be forced to stay at home for whatever reasons. A quick search of the Internet reveals that there is no shortage of online jobs promising elusive riches for barely any effort. I hate to break it to you, but there is no sure-fire, get-rich-quick formula for online employment. Any advertisements you come across that promise this is almost surely a scam. Making money online takes just as much effort and dedication as anywhere else. This hub is designed to give you a starting point in your search for legitimate online jobs for stay-at-home moms, or anyone who really has the desire to build another source of income. These are not get-rich-quick schemes, but rather ways to make real money by making real contributions to the online community. Though not an exhaustive list by any means, these are sites I have personally used and can attest to their legitimacy and potential to make money from home.

Slow and Steady With Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing web sites are one of the hottest things going online right now. Revenue sharing basically involves interacting with a particular site and sharing in the advertisement revenues based on your contributions. Revenue sharing will not make you rich overnight, but it has the potential to grow over time into a sizable income. While earnings from revenue sharing sites may seem meager in the beginning, the benefit to is that you will continue to receive profit well into the future. There are some online jobs that will pay a flat fee for your work, but once paid, you will no longer earn anything from that project. Here’s a look at the best revenue sharing sites on the web:

A Look at WebAnswers


Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge? Are you good at answering questions with a little explanation? That’s all it takes to be successful on WebAnswers. It is completely free to sign up and only takes a few seconds. Once you become a member, you are qualified to start answering questions which are broken down into every conceivable category. You can either scroll through the categories and find open questions, or check the most recent questions from every category in one listing. You must first answer 10 questions to be eligible to start earning Adsense revenue. This is so that WebAnswers can be sure your answers are quality and make a good contribution to the subject. Answers are expected to be expounded upon and not simply one word, or yes and no responses.

Once you have answered your first 10 questions and have obtained an Adsense account, the rest of your answers have the potential to earn ongoing revenue. As each question gains multiple answers, the person who asked the question will award the best answer, giving its contributor sole ownership of the revenue from generated ad clicks. If an answer is never awarded, Adsense ads are rotated among all who contributed an answer and everyone has a chance to earn revenue. Picking popular topics is a big factor in getting the most views and clicks. The great thing is that WebAnswers has an extremely high page-rank, so every time some Google’s a topic covered by one of your answers, the chances of your WebAnswers contribution coming up is excellent. Get started with WebAnswers by clicking here.


HubPages is the site where you are reading this article. It is a major platform for people to write articles, known as “hubs”, and share in advertising revenue and affiliate programs. Again, you will need an Adsense account to participate in revenue sharing. You split page views with HubPages at 60% (you)/40% (HP), but you get 100% revenue from clicked ads on your hubs. You can also sign up for a free affiliate account with, or Kontera, which is an “in-text” kind of advertising similar to Adsense. The exciting thing about HubPages is the fact that you can create hubs on any topic you want to write about. If you are passionate about woodworking, then you could create a niche of hubs and offer tool products through Amazon and earn some nice commissions. You will also earn Adsense or Kontera revenue every time someone clicks on the subsequent links in your article. HubPages also has a high ranking within the major search engines which will give your hubs maximum exposure. To be successful on HubPages, you just need to be able to do a little research and be able to organize your writing into logical sections. The more hubs you create, the more revenue you will build over time. You can get started with HubPages by clicking here.


Squidoo is very similar to HubPages mentioned above. Instead of hubs, users create “lenses” which are articles bases on the user’s perspective of the chosen topic. The site is free and users can post lenses on whatever subject they want. Members have the option of generating Adsense revenue and promoting affiliates such as Amazon. At Squidoo, all Adsense revenue is pooled together and split amongst members. Affiliate commissions are split 50/50 with the affiliate company. Squidoo lenses have more variety in layout options than do hubs, but lenses are required to contain at least three modules before being published. The site ranks high in the major search engines, though it is slightly lower than HubPages and WebAnswers, and it is a great place to get your feet wet in the world of revenue sharing.

Intro to ChaCha

Hot and Heavy in Flat Fees


ChaCha is a very popular cell phone texting service. All day and night, people are texting questions in to ChaCha guides who are real people who do a quick search for the appropriate answer and send it back within just a few minutes. At ChaCha, you can apply for different roles depending on what you like to do. Transcriber/Expeditors receive the question from a customer and quickly format and send the question to a guide. A ChaCha guide then takes the question and does a quick Internet search for the appropriate answer and sends it to the customer within a couple of minutes.

ChaCha does stop accepting new guides occasionally, but most of the time you can go ahead and apply. Once you apply, you will be contacted to take a test to determine your suitability to answer questions accurately in a timely manner. The test is not very hard, and there is a few training videos you are required to watch before taking it. It will take a couple of days before ChaCha notifies you with acceptance or rejection. Once you are accepted, you can log into the system and field questions whenever you want. Questions are broken down into dozens of categories and you can set your profile to answer all categories or just a few. Category questions have certain monetary values that you earn each time you answer a question. For example, a mass transit question is worth 20 cents, science questions 16 cents, movie times 10 cents, and so forth. The minimum is 10 cents for any category. The more questions you complete, the more money you accrue, which can be mailed or sent instantly via PayPal.

Demand Studios

Demand Studios is a web content producer who employs freelance writers, editors and video makers. Like ChaCha, there is a process to getting accepted by Demand Studios which consists of submitting a sample article for evaluation. Once accepted, you are able to browse through thousands of titles that can be claimed for assignment. Depending on the type of article being written, the pay could be anywhere from $3 to $80, or you could opt to write a revenue sharing article. Generally, the longer and more in-depth an article is, the higher the pay. Most titles on the site are “How-to” and “About” type assignments which pay $15 for a 400-600 word article. Demand Studios publishes clear guidelines for their various article formats which makes it easy to put together. Once an Article is written, you submit it for review by an editor who will either accept it or send it back for corrections. Once it is finally accepted, your account is automatically credited with the set payment and Demand Studios pays weekly. There are hundreds of writers on DS who make thousands of dollars each month, and many more who just use it for extra spending money. Either way, it is a great place to make some serious money online.


As I stated in the beginning, this list is not exhaustive. I plan to update this hub as I come across other legitimate online jobs and income sources. Also, if you know of any great site that offers a legitimate opportunity to earn revenue or full payment, please send me a message using the contact link in the right sidebar and I will be glad to add the site to this list once it is verified. With a little hard work and determination, anyone can generate a second income through these valuable sources.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 

      9 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Excellent,thank you for the information, Great Page and I have new resources now,great people make good sense.Chris

    • GAbaptist profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Alaska

      Thanks FrugalGal, I am always looking for more legitimate work at home opportunities, but wading through all the garbage that's out there can get very tiresome.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply!

    • FrugalGal profile image


      9 years ago

      This is an excellent hub. It's very factual and informative. I look forward to reading more.


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