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Best Rich American Cities - Top 10 Hot Jobs in Lloyd Harbor

Updated on January 31, 2013
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Patty uses her MS in Preventive Medicine/Health Psych. and TKM as a contractor in research/treatment for public & private health agencies.

Historic Neck on The North Shore

The Lloyd Harbor (formerly Lloyd Neck, Horse Neck) area of the North Shore of Long Isand is a Travel and Tourism stop for visitors that enjoy National Historic Landmarks, history from before the American Revolution, clean beaches, horseback riding, parks, jogging trails, birding, sailing, and numerous other outdoor activities. Viewing historic mansions for their architecture and landscaping is also a big draw around Lloyd Harbor, Oyster Bay Cove, and Cold Spring Harbor. The job market is good in this area, including positions in nearby Connecticut, internships are available in large numbers, and travel-related job listings often. While housing is expensive in some of the local villages, less expensive dwellings nearby can place workers in an enjoyable, convenient place.

The Long Island Railroad serves Nassau and Suffolk counties well on Long Island, which is just 12 miles wide and about 100 miles long, with neaches on the north and south, many also to the east in Suffolk County. Many of Bloomberg's 25 Wealthiest Towns in America are in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Lloyd Harbor: Caumsett State Historic Park, largest, most developed park.

This state historic park features National Historic Landmarks from before the Revolutionary War. It is located on a large tract of land on 1750 acres in the northernmost part Lloyd Harbor, north of the actual harbor. The Marshall Field Estate (of heirs to the retail chain and banking enterprise) was built on the land in 1925, becoming a Registered National Historic Place. The Estate and a Dairy Barn are maintained in the park. The barn complex is used as an animal rescue hospital and sanctuary.

The protected Caumsett Bird Conservation Area is inside the park and a part of the Audubon Society. Birding and bird photography make one of the popular activities at the park. Other activities include a variety of sports, such as horseback riding, polo, foot and bike trail use, and SCUBA.

History on Lloyd Plantation/Lloyd Manor at Lloyd Neck

The Information Please Almanac states that Mr. Jupiter Hammon, a slave born on the Henry Lloyd Plantation on "Lloyd Neck", which became Lloyd Harbor, Long Isand. All of this was near Oyster Bay.

Hammon became the second* published African American in the USA. The Lloyd family, after whom the Village of Lloyd Harbor was named, sent him to school. Hammon became a Christian and began writing religious materials. His well-known An Evening Thought, was produced on Christmas in 1760, when he was 49 years old.

*A Briton Hammon is felt to be the first African American published, specifically with Narrative of the Uncommon Sufferings and Surprizing Deliverance of Briton Hammon, a Negro Man in Boston in July 1760. Jupiter did not compose his first poem until Christmas 1760 and it was published in 1761. No one has any idea wether Briton and Jupiter were related. Reference: found specifically in Complete writings by Phillis Wheatley; page 201.

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Lloyd Harbor, NY, USA
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Caumsett State Park, Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743, USA
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Oyster Bay Cove, NY, USA
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Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse

Renamed Huntington Lighthouse.
Renamed Huntington Lighthouse. | Source

Today's Lloyd Harbor

Lloyd Harbor is a village in the Town of Huntington in Suffolk County. It is another of the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Wealthiest 25 Towns in America and is near other Long Island villages and towns that were named to the list (see map).

A local black oak tree, very large and 550 years old, fell in a storm during 2006 and was subsequently salvaged for use in redecorating the Lloyd Harbor Village Hall. The stump of the tree was maintained with new shoots emerging, with the hopes of replacing the oak, which was a Registered National Historic Tree. Failing all this, its last year of acorns could be used for new growth.

Huntington overall encourages public art and sustainable green spaces. Physical art installations indoors and outdoors, along with displays of teen poetry in public buses are part of this movement. A set of murals can be found along town walls as well, one of an English pub and very realistic.

Counties of Long Island.
Counties of Long Island. | Source

Cold Spring Harbor Tour

Oyster Bay Cove

This village is located in Nassau County to the west of Lloyd Harbor, across Cold Spring Harbor (unincorporated). A part of the Town of Oyster Bay, it ranks at Number 8th richest place in America.

The harbor of Oyster Bay is home to a system of historic ships open to visitors. Tall ships, two ships from the US Merchant Marine Academy, and tugboats may be seen. During the Oyster Festival in mid-October, a pirate ship is open and visitors can view boat races, music, and treasure hunts.

Cold Spring Harbor State Park is located nearby, covers 40 acres, and charges no fees as does Caumsett. Similar hiking and birding trails are free of charge and a public libarary is available, the park being located in the center of the community.

Oyster Bay, October 1919: Flag Services for Teddy Roosevelt

Internships In the Lloyd Harbor Area

The Lloyd Harbor area is home to over 700 Internships open in May 2011. Internships are expected to increase in numbers, along with job listings within 25 miles of Lloyd Harbor, through 2020.

Hot Internship Titles:

  • Pharmacy Interns
  • Interns - Technologies
  • Internship - Finance/Economics
  • FFP Interns - Finance
  • Management Trainee Interns
  • Internships - Long Island & Boroughs
  • Graphics Interns

Companies Hiring Interns:

  • JPMorgan Chase, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, IBM, Long Island Acquistions, Mindspark, Stony Brook University, Save the Children, North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Top Hiring Companies

  1. IBM
  2. Staples
  3. Waldbaums - Grocery chain
  4. Montefiore Medical Centers1
  5. Pathmark
  6. General Electric
  7. JPMorgan Chase
  8. A & P Supermarkets
  9. Capital One
  10. Stony Brook University
  11. North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System
  12. Deloitte

Full-Time Jobs

Over 57,000 jobs are advertised in  the following high demand occupatons:

  1. Salespeople
  2. Administrative Assistants
  3. Physical Therapists
  4. Insurance Agents
  5. Occupational Therapists
  6. Project Managers
  7. Investment Advisors
  8. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  9. Business Analysts
  10. Senior Accountants


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