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Best Selling Products That You Can Find On Aliexpress To Sell On Ebay And Amazon

Updated on May 25, 2016

Top 10 Selling Products 2016

I am an online seller and I thought I would make a little video in which I show the top selling products so far in 2016. These are the products that are consistently selling, I have only ever had positive feedback for them, have good margins and you can find all of these products on Aliexpress and if you want to place a bigger order you can head over to to find a manufacturer. The great thing about Aliexpress is that there is no MOQ(minimum order quantity) which makes it a great place to start. You can also pay with your credit card which makes it a very very simple process. Aliexpress is very similar to but is based in china. As I said before I have been purchasing products on Aliexpress for a few years I have done over 1500 orders and have not had too many problems. Some sellers don't provide the best customer service however you can open a dispute with them through Aliexpress if there is a problem with your order such as you receive the item and it is not as described or it is damaged, you don't receive your item etc . Below is a video which I made which show the best selling products also the link can be found in the description which show the most reliable sellers for these products and also the best deals!


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