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8 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Website In The Cheapest Way

Updated on August 23, 2017
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Sudipa is experienced in content creation and internet marketing for more than 10 years. She has done Masters in Commerce and Business Admin

It is quite a challenge to create websites that will be indexed by search engines and help you in getting your target traffic and steady stream of visitors. To make this happen, you need to optimize your website and this can be done through a number of steps and processes. There is no standard formula of optimizing your website but a great combination of a number of activities. You also need to know that optimizing a website does not necessarily mean you have to spend a large amount of money. You have some cheap options too. It is all about doing things correctly and with great patience.

Here are some quick and easy steps to optimize your website.

Importance of Website Optimization
Importance of Website Optimization

Strategic placement of keywords

Keywords should be placed strategically throughout and in a natural flow. They shouldn't appear like they have been stuffed or unnecessarily put in. This is how the creativity of a content writer is judged. No matter how difficult the keywords are, they need to be placed strategically. Home page and other critical pages need to have keywords smartly placed in good quality content for search engine optimization. If you use too many keywords, the content will be boring and will be treated as spam. You might be even penalized for the same. The key is to maintain a perfect balance.

Placing Keywords Strategically
Placing Keywords Strategically

Keywords Research

It is extremely important to carry out a good research for relevant keywords as they are crucial for optimizing a website. Before you start your search, you need to be sure about your target audience and the main theme of your article. You need to know the main objective of your article, based on which keywords shall be searched. There are specific software available which help in finding the most accurate keyword.

Keywords Selection Plays a Major Role In The Success of a website
Keywords Selection Plays a Major Role In The Success of a website

Primary Keywords Placing

These are the main keywords of the article and definitely are of utmost importance. These need to be placed in H1 tag, near the top section of the page. This is because Google gives marks it quite important when scanning websites. H2 tags should also be on your page since they are counted by search engines as well. You need to use these keywords well. They should not be stuffed in the article and should flow naturally with the article.

Include Title tags and Meta tags

These should be compulsorily added in your website as search engine spiders use these to index a page. There are several search engines which use Meta description, keyword and title tags to rank web pages. You need to place title tags just at the top part of each page so that it is able to identify the content. Meta description tag should be accurately written as it is often used by search engines. Meta keyword tag should also not be ignored, as it describes the search results. This is one of the crucial parts of search engine optimization.

Tips To Write Meta Titles and Descriptions

Link Building

To optimize your website you need to have good back-links and incoming links too that help in increasing the performance of your website and helps in bringing website traffic. Search engines normally rank pages depending on the quality of links which point to websites. It is not possible for web masters to fake good links - thus, to optimize your website, it is important to have good quality links in your website. Also, you need to keep checking continuously so that there are no broken links in the website. If there are broken links, it is definitely not good for your website.

Keep Changing Tags and Checking Your Website

It is good to keep inspecting a website for updates and changing tags. It is very important to create broken links and other designing flaws that can affect search engine optimization. Continuous monitoring and changing will help in achieving better rankings.

Alt Tags For Images

Whenever you are using photos, ensure you have alt tags to describe them. If you can have a keyword in your alt tag, it is even better. You need to be careful that the alt is accurately describing the image or Google might just spam it.

If you are a content writer, you need to write alt tags well for the images. You can learn more about these tags through different online sources.

Keep Updating The Content Regularly

Ensure that your website content is regularly updated and you have lots of accurate information in the website. Search engines need at least 200 words of good content on every page. Hence it is crucial to have plenty of good content to appeal search engines and also your visitors who come to your website.

Try the above and you will have an optimized performing website.

You should update content regularly
You should update content regularly

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