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Best Tips to Earn From Summer Job in Emerging China

Updated on August 17, 2012

Getting a summer job is probably one of the most worthwhile ways to spend your summer. Not only will you get a real pay check, you also gain a lot of experiences which can be helpful when you start looking for a real job. With a summer job, you also expand your horizons and meet new people, form a new network of contacts which is very valuable over time. If you are living in China or planning to go on a summer vacation to China and want to take up a summer job, you will find that there are literally thousands of summer jobs available for you. China is a large emerging country with a diverse culture. You will surely be overwhelmed with the choices for summer jobs you can find in this wonderful country. To help you find the right China summer job that is perfect for you.

Check out the classified ads. This is the first thing any job-hunter usually does. China newspapers have classified ads sections that offer a comprehensive listing of possible summer jobs you can take up. It is best to look up a local newspaper or publication within the Chinese city or province you reside in.

Surf online job employment sites. The internet offers an excellent source of information about potential summer job openings in China. Online job employment sites make summer job hunting as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. These sites may also provide job matching services that help you find the right job that will fit your skills, preferences, educational background or other information you will provide to their site.

Another great way to find a cool new summer job is to ask around for any leads from your contacts, friends, acquaintances, family and even your online friends in any social networking sites such as Twitter and Sina Weibo which are very popular these days. Some of the best summer job vacancies are posted in these sites allowing you to surf conveniently and find the right summer job with ease.

You can also inquire with your school's student employment service if they have information regarding summer job vacancies within China. They might be able to help you connect with companies and establishments that are hiring part-time employees over the summer.

Still, an effective but rather slow way to find a summer job in China is to ask around. Maybe when you visit a particular restaurant, your favorite grocer, the game arcade you frequently go to or the amusement park you love, ask the manager or clerk if they are hiring. Sometimes if you get lucky, you instantly get a new job then and there.

Another excellent way to keep occupied all summer long is to start a simple business. Be your own boss, as they say. If you know some arts or crafts, maybe you can whip up some items you can sell to your friends and neighbors. If you know a thing or two about web design or desktop publishing, maybe you can start your own mini web design slash desktop publishing. The possibilities are endless if you know your skills, know what you're good at and what you love doing.

So, head for a great summer adventure that is not only exciting, but rewarding and fulfilling as well. Go get a summer job in China now. You may also get more information at this website about China Sources or try advertising yourself through this powerful China website.


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