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Best Wishes- Reach Your Goals

Updated on June 3, 2010

It's a new year

It's a new year. Great. Better yet, the dawn of a new decade. If you are reading this, it means you've survived the trials and tribulations of the past decade and are ready to take on the challenges of the new decade. The last decade belongs to the past and will be used as a rear view mirror to better position ourselves in the present and reach our goals in the future. The question is: Where would you like to be at the dusk of this decade?

If you've missed the opportunity train of the last decade, or your goal train failed to reach its destination, here is an opportunity to start anew. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, a ten-year ride aboard the opportunity train begins with the first metrocard swipe at life's turnstile. 0121

At the aurora of this decade, what are your dreams and aspirations, goals and objectives? Where do you see yourself 1 year, 3 years, ...10 years from now? Do you have a road map to take you there, have you mapped out a strategy, a plan B - should plan A fail- to take you to your destination?

At the crepuscule of this decade, will you look back and pat yourself (self-congratulatory stance) on the shoulder and say :"Well done"? By then you would have accomplished everything (or almost) you set out to do. All the Ts of your dreams would have been crossed, the Is of your aspirations dotted.

Humanity's eternal concerns seem to be: Health (mental, spiritual and physical wellness), Wealth (finance, money, employment or jobs, business, rainy days fund), Relationships (love, friendship, interpersonal skills), Real Estate (housing, home ownership, foreclosures), and their usual or inevitable corollaries, and the pursuit of the abstract and unimaginable, the longing for joy and happiness in a tumultuous world. 0221


Wealth without health is a hollow victory over poverty. It is pointless to be as rich as Croesus and not be in excellent health (through faults of our own: poor nutrition, junk foods, lack of exercises) to enjoy the fruits of one's labor. Good health is within anyone's grasp, provided that the conditions to maintain it are met. Therefore it is incumbent upon you -and you alone- to take good care of yourself (mentally as well as physically), for your health is in your own hands. Take charge.

Simple things that can be done to maintain good health.

Exercises. Before any attempt at engaging in any exercise regimen is made , it is highly advisable to consult one's physician for medical check-ups, fitness and exercises suitability.

There are a variety of exercises one can engage in, ranging from weight lifting, step climbing, treadmilling, bicycling, rope jumping, swimming, to hiking, walking, dancing, deep breathing, etc. Note that TV watching is an exercise in futility and idleness (exercise, nevertheless [LOL!]). However, TV watching (How to Watch Free TV on your PC) while exercising is multitasking at its best. For simplicity's sake, we will focus on low impact exercises such as walking, dancing, cycling and deep breathing. 0321

Walking- Part 1


Walking is free, non-competitive, low impact, low intensity, and the needed gears or walking equipment are rather inexpensive: pedometer, reflective sneakers, reflective walking clothing or jogging suit(s) (you want and need to be seen by motorists), and an unyielding commitment to frequency and regularity. The walking supplies can be found at any walking stores. For motivation, invite a friend to join you in that walking adventure. It is in his/her best interest to accept the invitation and respond favorably, for both of you stand to benefit from the resulting vibrant health. If your friend turns you down, extend an invitation to a dog: man and woman's best friend (LOL!). The dog will be more than happy to join you in exchange for some treats. Dogs are fashion-conscious creatures (LOL!) and must be properly attired to launch into that walking adventure with you. To bribe the dog into saying yes, make sure, in addition to treats and poop scooper, your dog is fashionably dressed!

If you are the adventurous type, you can engage in hiking or camping, for which hiking gear and camping gear are needed.

What the health benefits of walking?

  • Weight loss
  • Low cholesterol
  • Hypertension lowered
  • Increased strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Retarded aging
  • Eases digestion and bowel movements
  • Colon cancer prevention, etc, to name just a few of the health benefits of walking. 0421

Hommage to the late Michael JACKSON's Moon Walk

Arabic Belly Dance Fat Burning Part 1

Soukous Dance


If an invitation to join the cast of or appear on "Dancing with the Stars" has not been extended to you, be the "Star of your own Dancing". You can dance your heart (better yet, your hips) out to the beat and rhythm of salsa, meringue, kompa, soukous, reggae, zouk, samba, tango, hip hop, rap, flamenco, etc. Dancing provides a plausible excuse to socialize (seek a partner), dress-up, go out, have fun and spice up your love life. If a partner is MIA (Missing In Action), dance alone. Whether you pop up a DVD into a DVD Player, hook up your computer to your big screen TV for You Tube dance videos or listen to a radio, iPod or MP3, it is important to kick your heels, go ballroom dancing or else. Bottom line: get moving.

What are the health benefits of dancing? Dancing, according to Mayo clinic researchers:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases energy
  • Improves strength
  • Increase muscle tone and coordination

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), dancing can:

  • Lower your risk of coronary heart disease
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Help you manage your weight
  • Strengthen the bones of your legs and hips

Belly dancing can help prepare women for childbirth. 0521

How to Use a Stationary Exercise Bike

Basic Stationary Bike Routine

Cycling Exercise


Cycling is a great form of exercise. It can be done indoor or outdoor. When biking outdoor, make sure you wear the proper cycling gear or bicycling gear for road cycling: helmet, eyewear, gloves, bicycle clothing, reflectors (you want and need to be seen at dawn or dusk), bike headlight, bike taillight, etc. If you are an all-season cyclist, winter or rain should not interfere with your cycling activities. Hence the need for winter cycling gear and cycling rain gear. Cycling clothing needs not be expensive. Cycling apparel can be fashionable and yet affordable.

Any outdoor bike can be turned into an indoor or stationary exercise bike by using an Indoor Bicycle Trainer or Resistance Trainer.The following trainers are available: Magnetic Trainer, Fluid Trainer, Kinetic Trainer and Inertial Trainer. Indoor cycling can be fun, for no special biking clothes are needed.

The health benefits of cycling are numerous:

  • Healthy heart
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Stress reduction
  • Muscle strength
  • Joint flexibility, etc. 0621

Breathing Exercise




Breathing is the simplest of exercises and the least expensive of them all. Other than loose-fitting clothes an exercise mat, nothing else is needed. The beauty of breathing, as a form of exercise, lies in the fact that it can be performed just about anywhere and anywhere (in bed, at the office, on the bus, on the train, on the plane, on the boat, etc.) anytime and every time (except while driving, if deep breathing puts you to sleep. Safety first).

Deep breathing consists of two simple, and yet profound movements: Inhalation and Exhalation. Slow breath in/slow breath out while adopting the right posture. Fill your lungs with air by inhaling slowly, while expanding your stomach, and exhale slowly. Slow and deep breath in/out is so efficacious that the following breathing regulator devices are FDA-approved: Resperate (Device Guided Breathing to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally) and Zona Plus (Hand-held Isometric Therapy Device to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally). Consult your physician before embarking on a lower-your-blood-pressure-naturally adventure.

Deep breathing has healthy beneficial impacts on:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Hyperventilation
  • Stress
  • Blood pressure
  • Sleeplessness
  • Asthma 0721

Martha Stewart's Green Juice Recipe

Carrot Juice Recipe


Juicing is the extraction of the life force of nutrients, vitamins, minerals (iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iodine, etc.), antioxidants, enzymes, dietary fibers, isoflavonoids, chlorophyll and water from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs via a juicer or juice extractor.

Most people despise juicing, claiming it to be a time-consuming process. The choice is yours: you can spend a little time now juicing to prevent ailments, illnesses and diseases or spend a lot of time later hospitalized, bedridden, gazing at the ceiling and waiting for friends and family to bring you get-well-soon cards, inflated balloons and flowers. Bottom line: juice now for radiant health or pay later a king ransom with ill health as currency.

Green juice can be extracted from: cabbage (green), broccoli, parsley, celery, cucumber, kale, lettuce, watercress, spinach, green pepper, wheat grass, etc. For palatability's sake, add juiced apple, garlic clove, onion, lime or lemon, hot sauce and seasoned salt.

Colorful, vibrant juice can be squeezed from tomato, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, strawberry, watermelon, etc. For irresistible flavor, add juiced apple, garlic clove, onion, lime or lemon, parsley, hot sauce and seasoned salt. Yum, yum, yum!

In both preceding "juicy' cases, experiment with portion and proportion until suitable and palatable taste/flavor is reached. Experiment with your own recipes.

The phytochemical or phytonutrient contents of fruits and vegetables are believed to be so potent and efficacious at preventing and curing most ailments and diseases, that the National Cancer Institute recommends five (5) daily servings of fruits and three (3) of vegetables. The alleged curative virtues of fruits, vegetables and plants are so evident that Nutraceuticals or Nutriceuticals (extracts of foods) and Functional foods are demonstrated to have medicinal effects and physiological benefits for the prevention and reduction of the risk of chronic disease.

Health benefits of juicing:

  • Radiant skin
  • Colon cleansing
  • Vitality
  • Anti-constipation
  • Weight loss
  • Improved immune system
  • Protection against disease
  • Helps with depression
  • Anti-aging, etc.

When it comes to juicers, stay away from the cheap stuff. Quality, reliability and durability are always an issue. The more powerful the motor, the better. My favorite juicers are:

  • Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor,
  • Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor,
  • Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor,
  • Champion Juicer G5-PG710 G5-PG720-WHITE Commerical Heavy Duty Juicer and
  • Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer (relatively expensive). 0821

Hatha Yoga 1


Human Relations

Be good or better to one another. An ounce of good deed is better than a pound of misdeed. We are condemned to live and die together (no collective suicide please!) on this planet. We can make the best of it by devising a plan (optimal utilization of Earth and the Universe's resources) whereby everybody's needs are met, or slaughter (wholesale slaughter) and destroy (mutual extermination) one another in the name of "freedom, liberty, democracy, civilization, religion and/or terrorism", depending on your philosophical or political leaning. Mankind's predatory instinct seems to be the roots of all evil. Solution: Evolve! The predator expects the prey to send him/her flowers and dark chocolate in exchange for being the predator's victim (it's an honor and a privilege to be your prey!). More often than not the victim (prey) retaliates against the victimizer (predator). All hell breaks loose.

It doesn't cost an arm a leg to be nice to one another. Simple things you can do: holding a door for someone, pay a sincere compliment, a smile, a sensible joke (humor), give a ride to a stranded pedestrian (be cautious and judicious), pay someone's bus or train fare (give a metrocard swipe), pay for someone's grocery bill (within reason), whose multiple credit cards are declined at the cash register (sign of financial troubles). Those are simple acts of kindness and generosity. I can guarantee you that you are not going to suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for being good and generous to your fellow beings. That is exactly what you were created for: to be good or better to one another. Results: less friction and tension. More joy and happiness. More peaceful interaction. Symmetrical relationship. Lower blood pressure. Better breathing.

Make it a point to do a good deed every day, and you'll be the happiest soul in the whole wide world.

Can Yoga and Meditation make a better interactive human being out of you? Give them a try to find out. 0921


Money -or the love of it- is said to be the root of all evil. Or the source of all joy, depending on your take on it. I say (how presumptuous of me) Evil -or the love it- is the root of all money. Better yet, Eve -or the love of Eve- is the root of all Adamoney (Adam's money)(LOL!). It's a case of half full vs half empty glass . A double-edged sword. Money is like science and its discoveries. They (discoveries) can be used for the betterment of humanity or its outright destruction. Altogether. The same hold true for money and its use or misuse. Regardless of the side of the argument you are on, money is arguably to your financial well being what oxygen is to your brain. It is a materialistic world.

It is also said that money cannot buy happiness. I always wonder why. I probe and investigate. It turns out that money is thrifty, as such, always looking for a bargain, and happiness has never been -and will never be- on sale. There is no buy one happiness, get one free happiness deal (no value deal!). Now you know why money cannot buy happiness. (LOL!)

Let's get to the heart of the matter. When it comes to money, the more diversified your sources of income the better. The more passive and residual in nature is your income, the better. The best sources of income are both passive and residual. Of course there is nothing wrong with an active and non-residual source of income. Whether the income source is passive or active, It's all part and parcel of the overall income diversification scheme, with respect to its source. 1021

If you can spend 10-12 hours/day enriching a company, it's only fitting that you devote 1-2 hours/day to the furtherance of your own business. In so doing, you'll lay a solid foundation to fall back on in the event of a "downsizing". In the likely event (unfortunately nowadays it's a common occurrence) you are shown the door, you will not come back all guns blazing to "terminate your boss and co-workers' lives", but you'll send them flowers and thank them for the opportunity you've been given.

When it comes to your livelihood and sources of income, I cannot emphasize and stress enough the need to pursue a dual track policy: Your business and the business of the company you work for or with. The company's business is plan A. Your business is plan B. Always have a plan B. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", once said a bright mind. Invest some time in plan B until it becomes plan A (your plan, no one's else).

If you've been itching to start a business and don't know where to turn to for informative resources, this hub's content is meant to point you in the right direction by putting at your disposal a plethora of actionable information. 1121

Any business endeavor starts with a solid plan. A plan is road map with goals and objectives clearly defined, and a how-to-attain-them explicitly outlined. A plan is a living, breathing, flexible document with provisions for detours and alternative routes to reach your destination in the face of apparently insurmountable obstacles and roadblocks. The road to success is paved and littered with traffic jams and bottlenecks. It's up to you to circumvent and bypass the obstacles and obstructions, and succeed against all odds.

If you are a woman- Who is not nowadays? (LOL!) (If you are unsure about your womanhood, please read Sexy Love Lingerie (LOL!)- there are plenty of opportunities and resources for you out there. Lots of sources of information, financing and funding. 1221

The National Association of Women Business Owners is chock full of business-related information: business resources, access to capital, government contracting, business publications, etc. .

Ladies Who Launch- and their slogan "Entrepreneurship and Creativity as a Lifestyle", is filled with resources on start-up, marketing, website and technology, business protection, business plans, loans and financing, etc. for business-minded women.


Womanowned is business networking for women. A wealth of Small Business Resources`for women in business, women who want to start up or grow a business, grant opportunities for women, etc.


Digital Women ("Women with their modem running..." is their slogan) claims to have over 1000 business resources & lending resources for women, tools for and information on loans and free grants for business start-ups and women entrepreneurs. Check it out.


Make Mine a Million $ Business sports information about starting a business, leadership and management, financials, sales and marketing, tools and resources, etc.

American Express' OPEN Forum is said to be "a community designed to help you grow your business and connect businesses". Even if you are not a business owner, you can still explore their "Idea Hub", where a great deal of content might inspire you.

  • 1321

At Biz Info Library, business-related information spans from start a business, customer service, financial management, governance, legal and tax considerations, to fund and grow a business, marketing, technology, etc. Registration is free.

An excellent resource for business plans, mentorship, women entrepreneurship, tracking one's business progress, business financing, etc. is the Service Corps Of Retired Executives or SCORE for short. SCORE is a treasure trove of business-related information.

Another good source of business plan templates and free sample business plans is Bplans.


If you are a novice in business or want to sharpen your business skills, this free business course won't disappoint.

For financing, training and events for MinorityOwned, WomenOwned and VeteranOwned businesses ,free copy of the national or local edition of Small Business Resource Magazine:

For Import/Export Business- Getting started, How to Obtain Export Financing, How to Import/Export, etc.:

Open a business in just about 5 minutes, without incurring any out of pocket expenses. Free web sites provided.

Rant and rave about the issue(s) of the day or what is on your mind and potentially earn a ton of cash (LOL!) in the process. Join Hubpages now!

In the course of running a business, calculators are needed for paycheck, retirement, credit and debt, savings, auto loan, etc. A good resource for calculators, personal finance, investing and small business is walletpop.


Accounting is to business what oil gauge is to engine. Read How To Get Free Accounting Sofware.

And last, but not least, for shameless self-promotion's sake (LOL!), read:

If you are a man -everybody seems to be nowadays (LOL!)- obviously you cannot take advantage of this opportunities specially tailored for women. In which case, why not do the next logical and best thing: If you can't beat them, join them. Pick a woman or your lady as a partner and let her be the boss (as she's always been. Ladies, stop pulling the strings behind the scene [LOL!]). For once, if your partner is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately person, you can take credit for a woman's success by making that chest beating statement: Behind every successful woman stands (or sits) a man (LOL!). Or every successful woman stands on the rather broad shoulders of a  strong man. At last the behind-every-successful-man-stands-a-woman phrase is turned on its head.

As a man, you probably wonder what's in it for me? Well I know it's every man's dream to be voted the sexiest man alive -not on the planet or the Universe, for that matter- but in his castle (Did I burst you ego bubble? Sorry.) by female members of his household! You would have fulfilled that lifelong dream on that account alone. How about bragging right? Can you imagine bragging to your male friends about being voted the sexiest man alive? Their logical question would be: What have you done to earn their votes, hence the title? You can proudly answer: I help women succeed.

Remember: There is a downside to being the sexiest man alive, and that is: Your peers are green with envy and jealousy (LOL!). How about your every move being watched, tracked and monitored by the paparazzi and -best of all- the "mamarazzi"? (LOL!)

It is said: "My People perished for the lack of knowledge". You, as a budding or aspiring entrepreneur, I don't want you to fail in your business endeavor for lack of actionable knowledge, information and resources. That is why I make it a point to gather and put at your disposal all -by no means exhaustive- of these informative and educative resources. Cheers to your success! (now and in the future) Cheers to your success for the next decade beginning today! 1621

If you are the non-adventurous type, a professional 9-to-5er (nine-to-fiver), have a job or looking for one, there are plenty of resources for you too. The benefits of a 9 to 5 job ranges from paid sick days, vacation, health insurance to retirement plans, 401k, stock options, etc.

The drawback is if the job can be digitalized or robotized in any way, shape, form or fashion, it might be here today, gone tomorrow. You are "downsizable". Hence the need for Plan B, a dual strategy: the 9-to-5, the company's job (Plan A), which you have no control over; and the 5-to-9, your job (Plan B) , which you have control over. Invest a little time in your 5-to-9 to protect against and shield yourself from the whimsical nature and random ravages of a 9-to-5. Simply put, fix or make your bed before you fall asleep.

Here are the resources: 1721

Job-Hunt is a reservoir of information about "getting started, help from job search experts, free job hunting e-books, job search news, links to job search and career resources", etc.

Other job sites worth considering are:

For nationwide job search (Manufacturing, Programmer, Accounting, Government Relations, Customer Service, Lab, Engineering Manager, Education, etc. Jobs.)


For Accounting, Architecture/Engineering, IT/Internet/Technology, System Networking, Truck Driving, Teaching, Writing/Freelance, etc. Jobs.


For Resume Writing, Banking/Real estate, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Construction-Residential & Commercial/Office, Human Resources, Legal, IT/Software Development, etc. Jobs


For Restaurant, Retails, Government, Health Care, Business development, Distribution-Shipping, Finance, etc. Jobs.


For specifically targeted job search:

Information Technology Jobs or IT Jobs:


Accounting and Finance Jobs:


Nursing, Physician, Pharmacy, Support Staff, etc.Jobs:


Automotive, Truck, Diesel and Marine Mechanics, Mechanic Jobs, Technicians

  • 1821

Linkedin, according to Linkedin, is used by "over 60 million professionals to exchange information, ideas and opportunities". As a professional, you owe it to yourself to join these social networks to broaden your job opportunity horizon.


For more information about education, job and career opportunities, the following resources are worth exploring:

America's Service Locator

Careeronestop -Pathways to career success for job search, resumes and interviews, education and training, salary and benefits, etc.

America's Career InfoNet:

To find jobs in your State Job Bank, explore green careers, salary info, military transition, etc.


"Birds do not need a mortgage, you do" (a bank slogan). Birds do not lease or pay rent, you do. If you are confronted with real estate or housing issues (foreclosure prevention, loan modification, late payments, homelessness, rents, etc.) due to miseducation or misinformation, view the predicament you are in as a learning experiment with a steep curve. Draw experience and learn from it, educate yourself and move on. Better days are ahead. The following resources, in light of the circumstances, may be of help and assistance:

Making Home Affordable aims to point home owners in the right direction with respect to refinancing, loan or mortgage modification, eligibility, finding a counselor and many more resources.

The Homeownership Preservation Foundation for foreclosure help, foreclosure prevention, foreclosure scams and mortgage refinance. The help is free.

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling is a nonprofit credit counseling organization and offers housing counseling services ranging from foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation to pre-purchase housing counseling, homeless counseling, etc. Avail yourself of the NFCC's free "Avoiding Foreclosure" DVD.

For free legal help, free legal aid referrals and information:


Just about (almost) every major artery of the highways and byways of your life has been mapped out and covered: Health and Wealth, Exercises and Juicing, Business and Employment (Jobs), Housing and Real Estate, and Human Resources. The only missing piece of the puzzle is love: a slippery, slimy and eely subject. I leave it up to you.

Let's make this hub interactive. Stop by from time to time to keep me abreast of your goals, dreams and aspirations, your progress along the way to making them come true (how and when). It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Something as simple as buying a car, a home, looking for and getting a job, falling in love (LOL!), joining Hubpages, publishing your first hub (article), etc. Anything.*

Remember: The windows of opportunity are open from 9-5. So, Carpe Diem.

Happy, actionable, fruitful and beneficial reading!

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

* Hub's content is meant for informational purposes only. Every effort has been made to convey accurate information. Author cannot be held liable or responsible for inaccuracies or omissions, if any. The advice and expertise of professionals/experts should be sought when warranted, or prior to acting on any information herein contained. Readers are advised to do their own due diligence.

Any and all cited brands, trademarks, registered trademarks or trade names are the property of their respective owners. 2121


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      Nice, informative, and careful hub.I really like your hub for health. you have old all information and all important elements for our body fit and fine and without ill less.


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