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Best Social Media Sites for Businesses

Updated on May 17, 2016

Today's best Social Media Sites for Businesses

There are hundreds of social media sites and platforms that can be used by businesses to market themselves and showcase their local business deals. Deciding which one to go for involves most of your time as putting equal efforts in each of the social media site cannot be feasible. One of the best ways that can be effective is choosing the sites and then applying all efforts into them. Each of the social media platforms comes with its own positives and negatives. Let’s discuss about some of the best social media platforms that can make difference for your business:

Facebook: Facebook is one social media platform that cannot be ignored at any cost, it is huge and popular but at the same time it is difficult to navigate. To succeed on Facebook, your brand must be conversational. It takes a lot of money and effort to build audience.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn now has emphasis on publishing, now any one on LinkedIn can use it for blogging and through it grab huge audience base. It IS A Business site so you have the independence to write and post about your company.

Twitter: Twitter can alone create huge and relevant audience base very quickly. It is a great platform to make initial connections that can lead to some reliable reach on different other platforms such as blog or podcast.

Instagram: Instagram is popular because it is easy to use, you can simply take a picture and post on it. It is a unique platform which creates an opportunity to get more connections with comparatively lesser work. Each subscriber has equal opportunity to look at what you have posted. It really can be a big business opportunity.

Google: Google+ is not a mainstream public platform, but it is nearly unequaled when it comes to its ability to create communities of passionate fans that rally for a subject, cause or a person. You can build actionable audience n google+.

Pinterest: It is the only platform which requires less work and still is in high reach. You create audience value by curating content and not creating it. If you do a good job with curation means you can fetch loyal audience.

Slide share: Slide share has great potential to reach new audience. In it you need to have content, visual/s and great stories which can’t be very short or too long but if you put efforts there can be tremendous opportunities for your business.

The social media platforms mentioned above can be really beneficial for taking your business to new heights, as you can make money online through them.


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