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Why You Should Keep Your Store Receipts (A True Story)

Updated on July 21, 2015

Do you think the cashier was related to the three customers?

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Do you think I was just unlucky and the food stamp machine just had a malfunction?

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Do you throw away your receipts when you get home?

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How It Started

This is a true story that happened on one Friday morning, June 12th 2015, between 11am to 12 noon, I was in the Compare Food supermarket. I bought some food and a few rolls of paper towels. The supermarket was packed with customers, even at the three cashiers’ line. When it was my turn to pay for my groceries, the cashier took my food stamp card, told me to punch in my PIN, and then she asked me whether I have cash. I said “Yes,” then she told me to punch in my PIN again. I did what she said. Then she swiped my card and said, “Your card no money.” I stared at her for a second, then repeated after her, “No money?” At that moment, I thought to myself, “How come my card had no money?” I usually received my food stamp money on the 11th day of each month. Anyhow, I have to pay the cashier in cash totaling around $31 something.

The people in this photo are not related to the story.
The people in this photo are not related to the story. | Source

Back At Home

When I returned home, I took out all my groceries from the cart, and put them on the table. After when I had finished organizing everything, I glanced over the receipt and grabbed it with the other trash and threw them into the garbage can. I then told my son that the cashier said that our card had no money.

Later that evening, when my husband came home, I told him, our card had no money. He said maybe Food Stamp Office hasn’t put in the money yet.

Finding Out What Happened

So, on the following night, my husband told our son to check the computer for the balance, and you know what? To my surprise: the food stamp money has already been deducted that morning, the amount totaling $55.04. I was stunned and very angry at the store cashier. Why did she said “Your card no money,” in the first place. I was wondering why I had to pay almost double for my stuff, in which I bought little and yet I have to pay so much.


When I recall the incident, I realized that, I have been swindled by this cashier for whom, the mother & daughter lining up in front of me, bought a lot of meat and other stuff, not realizing that they have motives. And it is not right for that cashier to charge their stuff to my food stamp account. If I am not mistaken that cashier and those two white Spanish women were somewhat related to each other definitely.

Lesson Learned

I consider myself very unlucky occurring on a black Friday morning, being conned by three people. Somehow, I have no proof whatsoever, I have let those three culprits escape. I can’t even claim my money back and the biggest mistake that I have ever made was that, I threw away my receipt. The manager of the supermarket will not reason with me and he refuses to show me the store camera either, unless I show him my receipt. How could I be so stupid and careless? I was so angry and upset with myself for not keeping my receipt. My husband scolded me like hell, like he was going to swallow me up: very angry though, but not abusive. Anyway I deserve it.

However, I reckon I have become wiser after what I have encountered but I believe that “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” and my advice to all the food stamp shoppers especially, always bear in mind that, whatever you buy, keep the receipt for one or two days before throwing it away and also be alert and that's why you should keep your store receipts.

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    • skperdon profile image

      skperdon 2 years ago from Canada

      Once a cashier asked me to support the store's fundraising campaign and when I said no, she cashed all my discounted groceries at full price. What she didn't know was that I usually check my receipt before I leave the store so she didn't get away with it.

      It's not only cashiers at the grocery store that does that, once a cashier at my previous bank did that. I went to do some currency exchange whilst counting out the cash I noticed she finished counting faster than I did. I thought that I may have missed a few bills, her hands were moving pretty fast! I went to the instant teller to pay my bills and counted the cash she gave me, it was $100.00 short.

      So the numbers that she uttered and the numbers that was printed on my withdrawal slip added up but the cash she handed me didn't!

      I spoke to her manager but she swore that her cashier was an honest woman and told me to check my purse. Well, I came from the cashier in the bank to the 24hrs instant teller in the bank! Getting angrier by the minute, I explained to her step by step again and gave her my purse to look into, she didn't want to. But she did promised to call me the next day if her cashier has the extra $100.00 in her tell after the business day's final count. Well, she did have my $100.00 after all.

      That was the first cashier that broke my trust in people you're supposed to trust.

      I don't have time to check my receipts every time but I try to do it as many times as possible. Thanks for giving me one more swindle to guard against. We don't do food stamps here, but thank you anyway.