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My view on big business and bott

Updated on May 21, 2014

What, that guy just found $20 on the ground in the road? I live on this road so I deserve some of it. When it comes to greed people always look to the large corporations and companies and say that these businesses are corrupt or that they exploit its customers. People don’t realize that most of greed comes from jealousy of success. In the movie Tapped it talked about how certain large corporations where going into towns and pumping large amounts of public water, bottling it and selling it for a large profit percent. The people in the video were appalled at this because they received nothing from this ever though they thought it was their water. In most cases when someone gets rich off a quick easy idea, jealously comes out and tries to take a piece. People don’t realize that large corporations employ the majority of America and are very important parts of our way of life. Without these market leaders competition in business would be far less causing higher prices and a large market advantage.

People are always looking for better ways of doing things or making money. When a business finds an innovative and rather easy way to capitalize on a new idea in which they are successful, the jealousy of competitors starts to come out. Take the bottled water issue for instance. Large corporations went into small communities and started pumping municipal water sources to ship back to their factories and bottle. These companies were realizing huge profit margins from this because they were selling a product that was already free. Once the people of that community found out about this they became outraged as to why these businesses were allowed to do this. The only reason local citizens were really mad was because they were not getting a piece of this highly profitable pie. The argument was that the companies were taking water from the locals area and selling it to other. Doesn’t that sound like claiming water that is supposed to be claimable?

If we were to one day put a ban on large corporations then the unemployment rate would be near equal the employed. The people against the large corporations usually come at them with you make product for cheap and sell them for huge gains. This statement is completely true and happens all the time. The only thing wrong with that statement is it does not explain that people buy them for that price. If no one bought the product then they could not sell it for that price. It isn’t corruption in big business it is just the free market and how it works. American needs the jobs that large companies produce.

When talking about free market people need to understand what it is. Free market is the price people are willing and able to pay for a certain quantity of a product. With the abolishment of monopolies no company can set the market value for a product. What that means is the company can only control how much they spend to produce and item or service and how many they produce. When it comes time to sell the product and potentially make a profit it is out of that business’s hands. The ultimate consumer population now sets the standard of price. Everyday consumers are the reason that large companies can sell their products for an increased profit margin. Without the consumer the company would not run.

Is it right for a large chain department store to move into a small town and close out all the local small businesses in the area? This sort of thing happens a lot these days but with the bad comes the good. Small towns like this will start to find that with a large corporate store comes lower prices, many jobs, and one stop shopping convenience. More times than not when a large business moves into a locally run area it creates a lot more jobs then it destroys. With this America needs to realize that our country is in need of these large corporations just as much as they need the innovation of small business. By fighting big business only when they are successful in receiving a profit is not only greedy but down right childish.


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