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Black Capitalists 2: The Legacy of Lil' Flip's Business Mind

Updated on October 18, 2016

Are you familiar with the Clover G Himself?


An Engaging Conversation

A Legacy of Lucre

Wesley Eric Weston Jr. popularly known as “Lil’ Flip” represents the dollar. As he has diversified his portfolio of businesses in which he has involved himself, this man ought to be recognized as a Black capitalist. From paintings (that he renders) to owning a Quizno’s franchise to directing his own videos to his book, Don’t Let the Music Industry Fool You! (2014) to his own Lucky Nites brand of alcoholic beverages (to mention but a few pots he’s got on the burners), Weston has chiseled out a position to earn more money from his various ventures. A Houston native, Weston delivers a slow drawl in his raps and poeticizes about more than just the ghetto, girls, and grillz. His placement within the hip hop universe is one of a storyteller who weaves tales of struggle with unmitigated success. For his forays into the art world and for showcasing self-drawn paintings, he is a modern day renaissance man. His business acumen is that of any hedge fund manager on Wall Street. His ability to identify which undertakings in which to engage exemplifies his role as a rapper with a keen sense for capitalizing.

Featured on Lavell William “David Banner” Crump’s “Like a Pimp” (2003) Weston exhibits a sharp tongue and the ability to float over a beat. Houston must be proud of his crawling flow and dynamic turn of phrase. He demonstrates authority and audible assertion as he posits “I’m a pimp, I ain’t paying for no sex, I’d rather buy a car or a new Rolex” to pounding bass. Here he displays his sense that it’s not worth shelling out precious ducats for the thrill of one street walker, when he can purchase a fresh automobile or sparkly chronograph. His mind is on his money and he will not allow some low life to drain him of his earnings. Additionally, on the track "The Way We Ball" (2002), Weston states that he "might buy the [Houston] Rockets" in order to further develop his financial repertoire. Though he may have not invested in a National Basketball Association (NBA) team, the fact that his ambitions would be so lofty guarantees his position as a hustler.

Weston’s success is rooted in his understanding of the concept of “quiet money is the best money.” What is quiet money? It is the cash accumulated away from the newspapers and magazines and cameras and microphones. It is a space that a few other entertainers, especially musicians, occupy. It allows those used to the spotlight to generate an income without worrying about being caught by the media monster. Weston has mastered this sense of the game by establishing multiple businesses that have let him reap the benefits of his labors. Because of his functioning mind and apt application of winning a contest that is stacked against artists (re-read the title to his book) in today’s environment, Weston has solidified his status as a businessman. His adept decision making skills in the industry of music will be studied by rappers around the world. Weston’s legacy is secured.

Gems for the Freestyle King


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