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Blog Promotion

Updated on November 10, 2010

Writing blogs has become so popular out in cyberspace that there are countless to search through. If you have a blogger who is serious, better do some blog promotion so that others can read your blog. If you are promoting your own blog, you have to be relentless inĀ blog promotion. Never think that you are too forward getting your blog out there, because it takes that kind of attitude and mentality to be a successful self promoter. I know how this is because I am a musician. I know that I need to be constantly telling people about groups I play in and shows I have coming up. I need to be handing out business cards and spreading the word on social networking sites. Really it is a lot of shameless self promotion, but that is what is needed. Blog promotion should be no different. Especially in an environment where you are competing with thousands upon thousands of articles, you need to do a little promotion to make yours stick out. Blog promotion can come in many different forms. There are RSS feeds, websites, and of course you can try to do it yourself. Depending on your position, you can even hire someone to help with your blog promotion. There are many websites out there that can offer you the service of blog promotion. And of course, the more successful your blog becomes, the easier it will be to do blog promotion. The internet has opened up a whole new world of journalism, with blogs at the front and center of this new frontier. Blog promotion will help your blog stand out, and hopefully get read by more people. Whether you are writing a blog for a company or other professional reason, or just for fun, blog promotion should be something to start thinking about to increase your readers.


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    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

      I am trying to learn, being fairly new at blogging. I appreciate your article.