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Updated on August 29, 2010
Bonanzle logo
Bonanzle logo

First Impressions Last as the saying goes.

So what happens with first impressions with bonanzle?

When i got started in Bonanzle, i wanted to upload just a few items.

I had the pictures and titles and descriptions already completed,
so i could get the quick listings done easy.
One small pop up window. Minimal Options. Item listed in less than 60 Secs. Much Less.

Doing another few listings breezed by, and the screen actually tells you how long you have been listing for as you go along. This is one of the examples of Bonanzle.
A small handy extra, that you never expected. It really is an alternative selling site.

It goes beyond being an alternative to ebay.
Bonanzle is just fast, clean, easy to use, tons of power seller tools.

There is Bulk upload features, which I used to upload my first 9000 items to Bonanzle.

Bonazle didn't race through them, but certainly was fast enough about 60 mins it took for that, and the images where self hosted on a backbone server.

What is great abut bonanzle, is that there is a multi edit function that actually works.
These guys that actually run bonanzle upload department could hands down beat ANY selling site. It takes lots of work to just get you .csv working perfect with most selling sites, however with csv upload to bonanzle, you have to confirm everything live first, so your not just committing quite yet, you still have a last chance to check.

If you've found you have been uploading .csv's to selling sites, there's nothing worse than finally getting it working to discover you've made a small price or qty error.
With Bonanzle you can easily just use the multifunction edit tool.


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    • profile image

      scooter chick 3 years ago

      2010 doesn't sound so good. No one been here since here? I am fed up with ebay. I am looking at it.

    • profile image

      jb 7 years ago

      Something I'll seriously look at some more.