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Worker Compensation

Updated on September 12, 2014

Things leading up to hearing

I had an injury in January 2009. I asked in July 2012 for an independent medical evaluation through worker compensation commission when I was denied a referral to a dermatologist again and the survey filled out by the worker compensation doctor said I don't know and only answered one question of the survey. The independent evaluation would have been granted if my attorney would have requested during the time I asked her to do it. She puts in for a motion for the evaluation a year later when I do not have any symptoms or medical problems present. The independent evaluation was denied. However, before she put in for the independent evaluation the case was dismissed because they didn't reply to a notice in time. They claim they were trying to get my medical records. However, they didn't present any medical records at the trial except a medical record that I e-mailed to her and some of the medical records I brought to the hearing.

Things not adding up

What's wrong with showing me the e-mail that you claimed you received? How did the other attorney win the case when she didn't even deny and/or have a witness to refute my testimony in court. The only thing the attorney wanted to know was things pertaining to medical bills. She didn't ask about my disability and/or medical records. I saw research online about Mississippi's worker compensation program and its just as I expected. They don't want to pay anyone any money and their program is catered to the employers and not the workers. I have a bachelor degree and since I sustained an injury early in my working career, they don't want to pay my earning potential. Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome. Thanks for reading.


She came to the courtroom and stated that she would pull-up legal documents on her phone since she didn't see a sign saying no cell phones allowed. When I told her that the guy in the courtroom was my witness, she decided to print out legal documents right before the hearing. The opposing attorney/company's attorney stated that she was denying the claim based on the extent of my disability. My attorney failed to mention that I was receiving Social Security disability. Now she wants me to accept a settlement for the case but she has failed to show me the e-mail that she claims she received from the judge ruling against me.


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