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How to Boost Your Social Media Performance

Updated on December 31, 2014

How the Social Media Works

Every day, billions of people the world over are turning to the social media to get information on services. Here, they can view the opinons of other people on service delivery that is carried out by every one from businesses, institutions to organisations.
These views effect how they will take you up. As such, social media platforms are no longer optional but are a mandatory component in market strategies. Your presence in the social media has to be felt. You have to have positive influence for your undertakings. Here are a few tips on how to improve your social media performance.


Work on your Image

"As you are seen, so will you be percieved." For marketing, you need a positve image. For starters, do not bring personal issues and drama onto social media. Do not trash talk your competition. Be known to have a positive spirit instead of negative views on anything and everything.
But you can't avoid negatives forever. They are bound to happen. When they do, be as diplomatic as possible. Use this situatons to your advantage by winning the respect of people. In Show them that you are worthy of ther respect. Inspire and motivate them too while your at it.

A Recommendation-the Unspoken Endorsement

Which are you more likely to believe-an advertisement or a recommendation from your friend? The latter no doubt. Its the same with everybody. As such, encourage your customers and clients to share your information.

Be Everywhere
Do not, and I insist, do not rely solely on one social media platform. Some are more effective than others, some have a wider reach than others. Focus especially on your niche audience and where it spends most of its time. Take YouTube for instance. It is one of the social media's heavyweights. So is Facebook and Twitter. There are numerous. Put simply, the wider you cast your net the more fish you'll catch.

High Quality Content

You want to have the full attention of your audience? Use high quality content. Use content that will ncrease chances of engagement in social media. Make it easy to read. And don't forget-humour sells. Make your stuff fun and simple. And don't forget to also include what your business is all about.
Remember-social media is viral. Become a hit, and you'll spread fast. (It also works for the opposite. So watch what you post and upload on this sites)

Don't keep your Audience Waiting

When people come to you, comment or say something about you, complain about a product, be in your response. Quickly build a rapport. Win their confidence and trust. Get their loyalty. You can follow them too.

Use social media for the powerful tool it is for your marketing.


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