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Georgia Giant Workboots

Updated on September 25, 2016
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With many exciting adventures while growing up in America, the author relates some of those experiences, Sharing is important!

Georgia Boots - Approx: $99.00  (bought at Bonehead Boots in Brewton, Al.)
Georgia Boots - Approx: $99.00 (bought at Bonehead Boots in Brewton, Al.) | Source


EVERYONE needs a good pair of boots. Especially if you work outside, in a rough environment, or if you are working or hiking in rough terrain. Additionally, if you drive trucks, heavy equipment or if you are a ground based laborer doing construction or landscaping, you NEED to take care of your feet. Another reason you MIGHT need boots would be that if you work in a cold climate you would purchase insulated work boots, or if in a wetlands, you would choose waterproof boots. Sometimes you might need both, or in certain job sites, steel toes are required, outdoors around machinery and indoors especially in industrial and mechanical plants. There is no easy replacement for crushed feet or severed toes!

Having worked in maintenance departments at school districts and in airports, I have found relief only by buying the best quality work boots that will hold up 200 pounds with walking distances of 20 miles or more each day. On State highways and airport field maintenance jobs I've held it might require jumping in and out of trucks and equipment, shoveling, with extreme abuse of the feet being a daily required exercise. Only the very best of footwear will stand up to this excessive wear and tear, and at the same time protect and support the working mans arches and foot pads attached to the bones of our feet. The ankle also needs extra support, and sometimes simply the protection of leather from foreign objects encountered daily in construction related jobs.

I can discuss fairly accurately some of the brands of work boots, the strength ratings and life of service for these boots, having sold Mason Shoes and boots in the past, and also having inquired on a professional level with service longevity of some of the brands I mention. Wolverine boots have a wide selection and style of boot for the service man and also for the outdoor enthusiast. I wore the Duroshocks for several years in a size 10 wide. I found that my feet were always happy in a new set of these boots, but over the months the soles and inner layers compressed and "flattened out" requiring me to replace them as often as twice a year. I was working in these boots 8-12 hours a day and no wonder that they just wouldn't last forever. At one point I called the Wolverine corporation and received a lot of interesting and useful information. the most important information was just what I had learned previously in actual experience. They stressed that the useful life and warrantee of their commercially worn boots was only six months. Studies had shown them that constant weight and pounding would break down these components, and kicking, shoveling, climbing and other common activities could shorten even that life span of their boot. So without saying I never tried to replace these boots due to warrantee after the six month limit.

ON a personal level of experience, Sears Diehard lace ups were a viable choice for a sole that would stand up to the outdoors beatings in construction and driving heavy equipment. They are available and reasonably priced. But lately I have worn two pairs of lace up Georgia Boots and am extremely pleased with them, while driving commercially and being in and out of the truck many times a day, climbing on trailers, pulling tarps and such in all types of weather. A pleasant discovery was that they are waterproof the first several months of service, and with moderate use I cold wear one pair as long as a year, though when you buy a new replacement pair, sitting side by side, the wear is visible. There is almost nothing more missed however, than giving up a sturdy and comfortable pair of boots! Ladies, that's why we like to save the old ones. They are like an old but reliable friend who stays with us every day, no matter how hard we use and abuse them! Face it. Men are rough and our boots need to be TOUGH!

Once I was steam cleaning OSHKOSH plows on the airport and the inconsiderate boss had us doing this outside in -15 with 15 mph north winds, and while only being up on the side rails with the pressure wand, with wet mist all around me, for about two hours, my heels were virtually frostbitten through the rubber boots I was wearing. There just wasn't adequate insulation for the environment I was in and coming back inside the shop, suddenly I was in the worst pain of my life, miserable and hurting for much of the night while my feet were screaming at me that I had hurt them. I learned a valuable lesson. For a couple of months following I would wake up and when I stood up I would fall over backwards, for besides the stiffness of the muscles, the nerves had been damaged in my heels, effecting my balance. It took actually a couple years for my feet to return mostly to normal, and yet to this day I have to be careful when walking, I won't sense a step down, curb etc, and also the damaged nerves will falsely lead me to stepping off a ladder before I am at the bottom rung. Fortunately I didn't have that boss very long, but the damage was done.. The only thing I could do from that point on was take care of my feet, wear good work boots and treat them like I should. PLEASE take care of your feet.. They are the only ones that you have!

Now, a few words about the medical podiatrist. They are knowledgeable and can help you to find the type of arch and the severity of bone structure and help you with spurs, and ankle care. But be in mind that they are limited and most of the responsibility is on YOU to care for your feet. Epson salt and soaking is a good way of relief from overused and tired and sore feet. Look into lotions that have aloe and Vitamin E for your skin health. Wear good socks. They supply extra support for your ankles and help with reducing ailments inside the shoe due to rubbing and flexing of the foot.

I hope that this article helps someone; especially a youngster starting out to know that good footwear is necessary and adds quality to your life. Not may things can pep up your production and energy on the Job like a good pair of Work Boots. Look for these features, solid stitching, and waterproof, as well as a good fit and ankle support. A good pair of boots is going to start at a price range of $100- $125.00. Don't be chintzy or cheap in this part of your work uniform. Think about it. How much do you spend for tools? For sports equipment? Check out Georgia Boots selection and price.

Also, I recently heard on the radio, an advertisement for "Justin" boots. Though its been years since I wore that brand, it must be a favorite for truck drivers, and I'm anxious to see if they have a pair for me.

Just recently I needed repairs to a pair of Georgia Giant boots, and as I had heard of the Mobile Shoe Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, I commenced to ride my Harley Roadking, with my boots stashed in the saddlebags down to check this place out.. well, before it was over, Mr. Brian Dodge, owner, promised to have my boots repaired and personally delivered back to me in Monroe County. I am waiting for them now. I'm anxious to see how the soles of my boots look, and feel and wear; giving my old boots some new life! I guess some "new life" for the real Soul is necessary too. I think I got the personal delivery arranged due to Brian heading this way for some turkey shooting! but just in case you need them, their email address is . They are located at 7210 AIrport Blvd. in Mobile.



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