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Breaking Out of the Rut of a Dead-End Job

Updated on February 28, 2010

Change Your Job, Change Your Life

So, you don't like your job and you want a better, more rewarding life -but what to do about it?  This article may help offer some direction towards finding new horizons and setting off in newer explorations.

Due to their jobs, many people -alas, far too many, consider their lives pointless; life for them is just a matter of awaking early, trudging through creeping traffic that yet again makes them late for a job which also leaves them cold.  The job pays the bills -if barely, and leaves the feeling that real, substantive contribution to society is non-existant.  Worse, they feel as though they are "stuck" in their situation without any possibility of reprieve.  It is in this avenue, of work, that this article will further explore.

There are at least 2 basic philosophies that people tend to hold when it comes to working jobs they greatly dislike.  The first is acceptance, as though they have been defeated and must stoicly accept their fates.  This is often true of parents, those with little education or training, and especially those who meet both of these categories.

Parents tend to fear changing jobs as their incomes are so very important to the proper maintenance of the family: paying for food, rent, clothing, utilities like water and electricity, and all of the other aspects demanded of modern life.  It is a natural fear, and well-founded, given what is at stake.  The fear is similar with those who have few job skills (even if rather educated -but more true for the poor).  Securing a job that one doesn't have knowledge of is virtually impossible.

So, how can one overcome this?  There are 4 basic ways:

1. Get trained in new skills at school.

2. Get trained in new skills via volunteering.

3. Tell everyone about it.

4. Invest that you may eventually have the money to either retire early or go back to school, if that wasn't an option previously.

Getting trained at school is a great way to move into any job or profession desired.  This goes from the 2-week course all the way up to the 6 years or more required to take an advanced degree.  By becoming trained in a new position, you open yourself up to manifold possibilities of employment and even social advancement, if that is your desire.

Sometimes it is difficult to break into certain jobs or professions.  Yet, if you desire such a position, a great way to "break in" is to get to know some of the people in this job, take them out for coffee or drinks, and to expedite befriending such people, you'll be buying.  Very often, your new friends and acquaintances can get you into positions that may even be difficult to enter as a volunteer, and that's just what you should do: offer your services as a volunteer.  By doing so, you are gaining exposure to the job, to see if it's really right for you.  Further, if you prove yourself valuable, you are also proving yourself hireable.

Of course, such gestures aren't always necessary.  Simply offering up your time without pecuniary compensation will open up doors and possibilities unthinkable before such a step was taken.

Our third step is to advertise by word of mouth.  Talk to everyone that will listen, spread your feelers, so to speak.  By telling people of your desired plans, including strangers, you may gain perspective, ideas, and even be offered opportunities that you didn't know about.  I was, per example, once offered a job making stained glass in Northern Greece simply because I'd mentioned to a friend that I was moving to Greece.  Talk about success in networking!

Finally, there is investment of your funds.  It's true that in the first 3 steps, you are investing your time and "time is money," but here, it is the investment of money in hopes of that money growing that is of interest.  This can be accomplished in numerous ways, beginning with exchanging your money for bonds, stocks, ETF's, CD's, mutual funds, and index funds, just to name the tip of the iceberg.  Granted, this might not lead to the immediate freedom that you seek from your job, but it is a case for success, albeit over a period of time.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day.  Investment takes time.  A LOT of time.  This is a step that is highly recommended no matter what, though it will take the most time -upwards of 2 decades, in fact.  However, if you study hard (at least 2 hours a week) at how to gain success in stocks, bonds, and other forms of investment, you can almost be assured of success.

So, there are steps that can be taken towards ending the employment nightmare.  These are not the only steps, but they offer a great beginning to the steps and mindset necessary to freeing yourself from a dull, disliked job and into a dream job that pays you what you're worth, and which you wake up every morning just itching to get to work.  Good luck and Godspeed.


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