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Build Your Business with Custom Promotional Coffee Mugs

Updated on August 9, 2009

Promotional coffee mugs are a cheap, highly effective advertising medium to brand and promote your business. Coffee is the 2nd most used product in the world only behind oil, and over 1.4 million cups of coffee are consumed a day. Other than water, coffee is the most popular drink around the globe. A promotional mug speaks for your business everywhere day after day!

Branding your logo is easy when distributing promotional mugs to potential customers and your existing client base. Coffee mugs are well-received promotional items that provide years of use and endless exposure and marketing opportunities long after being gifted. An attractive, well-designed coffee mug puts your business name and logo front and center every morning when customers put make their first cup of coffee to jump start their day.

Promotional mugs are more noticeable than custom pens; more universal compared to personalized golf balls, and can be used by anybody, anyplace. Unlike other promotional products, a mug with your logo has an increased longevity unrivaled by other corporate gifts. In comparison, promotional calendars last a year, and personalised pens only last until lost or when the ink dries up. Coffee drinkers will certainly appreciate adding a new mug to their collection, however, so too will those who use it for tea, ice water in the office, hot cocoa, or soup.

Personalizing Your Promotional Coffee Mugs

Deciding what to say on a promotional coffee mug is important. Your company name and logo tells the world what you do and who you are. Even if it is a brief glance, your mug design should capitalize on the moment. Naturally, your custom coffee mug should include your logo, company name and slogan, address, telephone number and website information so potential customers can easily contact you. Since mugs are usually bought in bulk quantities, promotional mugs fit most advertising budgets and are highly cost effective.

Promotional Coffee Mugs Come in a Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Styles

When looking to promote your business with printed mugs, it is recommended to select a variety of materials such as steel, ceramic, plastic, porcelain, and metal. Whether you are looking spill-proof, acrylic promotional travel mugs, or wanting to etch your logo on a more elegant glass mug, personalised mugs can be tailored to your individual tastes. For smaller marketing budgets, standard acrylic and ceramic mugs are a wise pick. In regards to color choices, most often it is best to go with colored mugs and images rather than plain designs to give your brand promotion an edge and make a greater visual impact. There are an unlimited number of shapes, styles, and colors to choose from to match your personal preferences and budget.

Shop for Promotional Coffee Mugs Online

The Internet is the best place to shop for high quality, cheap promotional coffee mugs. Most print shops and manufacturers have detailed websites that list all their promotional products, design costs, and contact information. This allows you to email a few suppliers and compare products, pricing and quality in a short period of time. Always ask about their refund policy and if they offer a product guarantee. Most reputable suppliers will also send you a product sample to your home or business so you can personally inspect the quality of their work before making a bulk purchase. Purchasing promotional gifts online gives you the freedom to comparison shop from the comfort of your home or office. To maximize your marketing efforts and to save time and money, promotional coffee mugs are the perfect choice for you and your business.

photo by gifts.corporate @
photo by gifts.corporate @


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    • RussellLHuey profile image

      RussellLHuey 6 years ago

      Great article! I love business.

    • profile image

      buy senuke 6 years ago

      This is an amazing idea! It just shows that being creative and thinking outside of the box can do wonders for your business promotion.

    • profile image

      multimastery 7 years ago

      Coffee mugs are no doubt a great advertising specialty. Thanks for highlighting the benefits. I think I will get these done instead of opens now.

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      I might just try this out, that is a great idea, I mean everyone drinks coffee.... well some more than others of course...