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Building My eBay Empire Chapter 2

Updated on September 3, 2013

My eBay Adventures

Welcome back to My eBay Adventures... First time here? Here is where it all started... Click Here to go to the first page...

Know Your Product

Did You Know?

Stop... Before you dive in with both feet first, take a few minutes and read... I would spend hours reading and studying.. I read so many flag ads on eBay that I started to know who was who by the title of the listing.

Google became my best friend, I looked for anything related to flags, I also read often, I got alot of great little tips from there, many came just at the right time God inspired moments in my life... I also read alot of information about how to sell on eBay... I dont think this book will be about how you can make a living, it will be more about how I did it...

I still read almost daily, sometimes I spend hours looking for articles about business digging for that one little morsel of information that will help me along the way today...

BUT you also can do to much reading, I found alot of great tips and tricks for eBay sellers, but I also got overwhelmed with information, take it from me, your business will need direction... God had a plan for my business, and it was a very winding road, maybe to help you with yours along the way...

Pot Of Gold

Do you chase rainbows or keep your eyes on the pot of gold?

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Stop Chasing Rainbows

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on was a didnt have a well thought out plan, I took everyone else's advice and plan and tried to stuff it all together without finding my own path... If you are going to be in business whether it is selling books on Amazon or flags on eBay be the boss...

Yes I found some great advice along the way, but I tried to make that advice my plan, each of us were created different and what works for me, no matter how much you try to copy it, will not work for you... But if you see something I do that you like see if it will FIT into YOUR plan. If not forget it and move on...

I still find great advice almost everyday, sometimes I say yeah I can use that, sometimes I say well that looks great but it wont fit my business model and tuck it away in the back of my brain maybe for another day...

My business model changes from time to time, but it is because something isnt working right, or ebay made a change in their policies, it isnt because of something I read or heard about. After years of changing directions because of something I read or heard, I have learned that business is like a boat in a ocean, once you give it direction, follow through, yes you make slight corrections, but if you change course every time you see a new rainbow, you are chasing rainbows not following the path to the pot of gold you seen at first...

it is only by the grace of God that I survived all the rainbows I chased along the way, today my boat is a little bigger, my course a little steadier, and the rainbow chasing is for the most part behind me now I am charting my course for the pot of gold I first sought after...

Where are you headed?

Where will you be in 5 years?

5 Years From Now

I still dont have a business plan for 5 years from now... Meaning I dont have charts and graphs showing you my growth rate and potential. One of the biggest problems is no one wants my business when I am ready to retire...

My wife is a special education school teacher.... She is about to start her 22nd year of teaching next week... We are planning to retire in a few short years, and I struggle with what will I do then with the business...

After countless hours of building, more blood sweat and tears then I will ever care to know, scrapping by on my wife's salary, I have reached a point where my business has value and worth and can stand on its own.. Like a child you watch it grow, you nurture it along the way, and you envision one day college, marriage, grandchildren, and things we all dream about...
All the while you want to protect it with your life from going down a wrong path you once traveled... Death is something we never want to see in the future of our children...

My business is my baby, and in the future all I see is death, I have played the tape over and over, I have tried to plan for it not to end this way... But where do I go from here?? Yes my business has value but how do you sell your first born child? But without someone to take over, eventually my business ship will drift to shore and end up busted against the shore...

I have dreamed of giving it away, to a church, to a single mother, to anyone that would have it, so here I sit without a plan, Telling you to have a plan... many times my advice will be the total reverse of what I am doing, for the simple fact that after years of trying I have found my way isnt working very well...

My Closing Advice

I have trotted down this path for years changing course more times than I care to admit, but as you follow along will see, as I will try to recount all my adventures with selling on ebay through the following pages... I have learned many things... today my tip for you is simple...

Make a plan and STICK with it... Ride out the storm, you may find a pot of gold at the end...

Yes it is okay to make changes in direction as new weather patterns come along, but drastic changes usually rocks the boat more then you will ever know...

God Bless

Ready For More??

Just finished chapter 3... Are you ready for more?? My eBay Empire Chapter Three Better then a how to guide... My experience with drop shipping..


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