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Is Your Business Ready for Covid-19?

Updated on May 11, 2020
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I am an author, entrepreneur, business man, manager, and general know it all.

Is your business ready ?

Nobody expected this to happen of course. Somebody gets sick in China and in a couple months the whole world is sitting around at home in their pajamas. But now there is a glimmer of hope. We have the chance to open up our businesses again and put out our shingle and see if we can get back to normal.

But is your business ready to open?

The good old days
The good old days

Some businsses will not survive.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But sometimes are just not going to survive the COVID-19 world.

If you run a business based on social gathering, or people getting together in large numbers you are in for a lot of pain. Movie theatres, coffee shops, some restaurants, escape rooms, work out studios, retail based on browsing products and things like that are more likely to go out of business during this situation. You will need to change your business accordingly to be able to survive this environment.

Before you open these types of businesses, you need to decide what you can do to change your business. For instance if you use to run some hippie coffee shop where people use to hang out and read poetry for each other, why not offer food or dessert delivery? Maybe consider switching to an alternate business temporarily to generate some income, and come back to your former business when it is more effective? These steps will not help you much, because frankly nobody wants what you are selling right now.

Otherwise. If you can run your business in this climate, and your services will be in demand when you open back up, read on.

I don't know your business.

You are the expert on your business, some of these ideas may apply more or less to you and your business, you should consider them before you take any actions yourself.

How are you going to keep everybody safe?

If you can't keep your customers, your staff and yourself safe from COVID-19 you should not reopen until you can. Otherwise there are many things you need to consider before you reopen your business.

1. How can you change your procedures or systems in your business to limit exposure to other people, and customers?

2. What safety equipment will be needed now for your staff and customers? Will they need to wear masks? Gloves?

3. Do you need to restrict movement of staff and customers?

4. Do you need to limit the amount of staff and customers in your location?

5. What training do your staff need before you reopen?

What new products and services will you need?

Are your business demands going to be different when you reopen? Business is not going to be the same old same old, so you need to consider this.

1. What supplies and products are you going to need from your suppliers?

2. What new products or services can you offer your customer? Maybe a delivery option? Is there going to be something in demand when you reopen?

3. Is COVID-19 going to change your business model, and how can you adapt? Nobody wants "in home service" anymore I am sure. But maybe you can work around it?

Your customers need more hats!
Your customers need more hats!

What do your customers need?

Your customers demands and needs have changed due to COVID-19. What can you do to meet them?

1. What do my customers need to know before they start to use my business again?

2. What can I do to reassure my customers to let them know my business is safe? (No doubt being safe would be the best option.)

3. Will my customers have a changed experience when dealing with my business now? and what does that require from me?

4. How can I contact my customers to know I am open for business? (when the government lets you reopen.)

Are you going to make any money?

One of the biggest expenses for most businesses is labour. You have to ask yourself, and be completely honest when you ask yourself this question. "Are you going to make any money reopening right now?"

If you are not going to at least break even, should you even open your business? Maybe you want to open to maintain key employees, or assist large customers your afraid might go to a competitor. These are good reasons to open up. But you need to be aware you might face a financial cost for doing it.

I want you to open your business, don't get me wrong. I love business. I am eager to open my business But I want to make sure we are ready to open up!

As you can see..

COVID-19 has made business a lot more difficult. But when there is risk, they in opportunity. If your business can survive, later it can thrive. As other businesses go out of business, and you have fewer competitors you should have a lot more business. Maybe downtown didn't need 15 different coffee shops anyway. Now is the time to find out.

I have a question for you, busines owner...

Are you planning to open your business the day COVID-19 restrictions allow it?

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Rich E Cunningham


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