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Business Strategy for internet business

Updated on November 21, 2011

e ideas

Strategy and Business Ideas for Successful E-Business

Strategy and Business Ideas for Successful E-Business

My friend and good writer WRITERDavid wrote he has been banned from Google AdSense, yes after three years of hard work he is banned. Basically the Google AdSense strategy is not the way to make money on net. This is my first take. If you have expertise then make people aware you have expertise and can answer and solve their simple problems or questions.

· Advertisement Posting by Private Labels

· Paid documents on internet

· Subscription site

The alternatives to Google AdSense are serious option. Look at those who want to place direct fixed rent advertisement on your blog. There are other options like many advertisement on blogs, usually if you have good hits everyday then definitely you can get good advertisement. This is second option and you can use it.

Another option is sell your expertise, write small expert articles and make them available on net. Every article of (your writing) may be from $10 to $1000 as you like you can price. When you have good hits on your blogs when people visits your blogs they will see it and some of them definitely buy it. There are options like DOCSTOC, DOCSTORE where you may like to sell it, or just put up your own site to sell them. This is second idea, you can sell anything from simple charts and calculations or difficult questions and yes research report. This is fastest growing area on the net and this option is always open.

How to choose topic, and ideas which surfers may buy, see the subject on your blog which has highest hit and start making small report on them and put them for sell. Put these report on your blogs for sell as well as on your website. You can make special blog just to sell them. These topics can be anything form cities and theirs locations and how good or bad they are to live or travelogue or research on science, technology. This can be how to deal with government. Everything is can be sold, if you are a good salesman. A correct strategy and right mix of reports and articles is more than enough. This must come with correct pricing. If customer is satisfied then yes, they will be repeat sale and income will go on.

The third strategy, start subscription site, or make your present site into subscription one. This site can have many option, free community and content. Basic paid community and content and third is fully paid premium community and content. This strategy along with first two area can deliver you best results.

Making the subscription base idea work may not be easy, decide on niche area of expertise you want to sale. The second find who want to buy them when internet is growing very fast. Find out is there anyone selling same thing in the market, and what are the pricing for the same. You want very small pie of the market. Decide which core area of market segment is your audience and long term plan for the same. This will take little hard word and study along with patience to get going.

Plan 1000 days of entrepreneurships, and yes you are done. Slowly and slowly it will start working and money start coming in. This money no one can stop, no one in this world can deprive you off your hard earn money.

Wait for my 1000 days plan for entrepreneurs the next milestone.

I will write on some small ideas who sold made money recently. One of the idea was e-restaurant portal, where two friends started website to order online. Collected menu of all restaurants on line, tied with restaurants and stated services. When customers have all men online of many quality food shops and restaurants, they can compare and see and feel, write experience and many more activities. Order is booked; porter will take fixed charge on menu and some commission on from restaurant and business is done. In two years’ time it is bought by one big IT company here in Kuwait for more than 4 million USD to replicate it across the region. They got money, still owns it minority and yes their income will increase, they are still managing it. This is win-win, initially they started with USD 4000 and two years their investment is just USD 35000.


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    • ZIa Ahmed khan profile image

      Dr. Zia Ahmed 6 years ago from Kuwait

      Here ideas and motivation works, no money, only knowledge is sold. Thanks for cooments

    • nicking8 profile image

      nicking8 6 years ago from Sydney & Brisbane Australia, Bali, Indonesia; Phuket, Thailand , Hong Kong,California USA

      really interesting, relevant now for business plans, Nick King:Lethbridge king Capital;making capital raising easier:61(0)421 657 490; skype:nickkinglethbridge; twitter:nicking8