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Business and Executive Coaching for Better Time Management

Updated on August 25, 2015

The 21st century is now life in the fast lane. No matter how many labor-saving devices there are on the market, we still do not have enough time to do everything we want. Whether we are at work or at play life seems to be one big rat race. Where is the leisurely pace of life? Gone, enveloped in the technological pressure cooker that threatens to swallow not only our workplace activities but our home life as well. Today’s world seems to become more-and-more unbalanced every day.

It does not help that the economic state of the world is in constant upheaval. Countries suffering from the threat of economic class, homes facing foreclosure and jobs on the chopping block add nothing to an individual’s sense of security. Moreover, the cutbacks result in the increase of an individual’s work load. As more people are “let go” others shoulder their responsibilities spending longer and longer hours at the desk or in the factory. Adding to this overall sense of disconnect is the amount of work expected and, often, form those not yet ready to take-on or unable to understand the set rules, roles and responsibilities of their new tasks.

In this crisis, an effective management tool is an executive coach and/or someone skilled in career coaching. These individuals are trained for just such problems. They are capable of helping a new executive or management personnel through the maze. They provide the essential tools to help these individuals learn how to more than just cope with the change in circumstance. They coach in such fields as time management and guide them through the process of learning how to rank their responsibilities in accordance to importance, urgency and other criteria. They provide the help employees need to learn how to set specific goals and to arrange their time more effectively.

Another group of individuals who can learn well from coaches are small business owners. The constantly fluctuating business environment has resulted in increased pressure. Those new to the field have to learn how to adapt quickly or lose their business, livelihood and savings in the process. The pressure to succeed can be overpowering. At this juncture, before everything comes to a head, a business coach can help with guidance and understanding of the issues the business owner faces. The coach can help the owner get back on track by showing them how they can address the issues facing them, overcome them and seize back control of the situation. Learning organization skills and becoming focused will help them and their business forward.

Most people do not naturally have a sense of how to successfully manage time and move towards a goal during the best of times, let alone during hard and stressful economic times. These skills need to be acquired. A business coach can help you set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely (SMART) goals. While various books on shelves in stores, online and in libraries offer solutions, they may not be as effective as an online coaching service. The reasons are both valid and numerous:

  • The approach is individualistic not generic
  • The online coach works according to the characteristics and character of each person
  • This approach addresses the specific situation not an imagined scenario.
  • Online coaching means you have a tailored made human (not book or video) mentor and guide that is ready to support and guide you through the process. He or she will help you stay focused and motivated through the entire process.

This hub brought to you....

by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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