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Business and Timing

Updated on July 5, 2009

What a time we live in

I think that we would all agree that business is about timing.  There is a lot of opportunity out there right now when people have the right ideas. Even though the economy is in a huge slump, there will still be fortunes made during this time.  History typically repeats itself.  During the great depression, more people became millionaires than in any other time in American History. Prices were low and for those that saved up and didn't lose it all in the stock market were in a postiion to expand business.  I believe times are even better now than ever before....

"Money is tight and I can't get a business loan"

I understand. The majority of people have been kicked where it hurts, and now their credit is in shambles. Banks are holding tighter on loans, and credit card companies have cut back on how far they will extend themselves. There are still solutions. The fact that you are reading this hub tells me that you are on the internet. Ding Ding Ding. Here is something that wasn't in place during the last depression. Here is a tool that allows us to leverage our time and energy 24 hours a day. The internet never sleeps. There are plenty of ideas that you can implement on the web. Low cost, low overhead, flexible with time management. You just have to be open to look at new ideas.

That butterly feelng that you get is perfectly ok, that's just personal growth wanting to happen. Push through that fear and you may be at the brink of your success.

Old Dogs...New Tricks....Whatever

It takes growth, change, and adaptment to succeed. If you want to take your business online and just don't know how to get started, there are tools and systems that can help you. If you are currently looking for some sort of business that you could start with low overhead, and low upfront cost, there are options. If you are afraid of how you are going to market your idea online, there are options.

Regardless of your technical ability with the way the internet is structured today. Anyone of us can learn a new skill set that would allow us to effectively market online. Majority of them are free to use as well. Squidoo, hubpages, digg, twitter, the names go on and on. If you would like to explore some of the options available visit the link below labeled "To see some options..."


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    • Mike Haydon profile image

      Mike Haydon 8 years ago from Australia

      Too right about the Great Depression not having the internet. I think it might just be what saves us this time. Curious to know what people will say in 75 years looking back at this depression.

    • Herald Daily profile image

      Herald Daily 8 years ago from A Beach Online

      Well said, Ritchie. Not everyone went broke during the depression and there will be some successes during this economic crisis, too. BusinessWeek has predicted that home businesses will thrive during 2009 because of the recession. People offering cash generation or running online discount stores are the favoured sectors.

      It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, but it may require some flexible thinking. Just my opinion, of course.