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What shall I call my business?

Updated on December 23, 2012

Is it important what my business is called.

Soemtimes it is not important to convey what your business does in its title. Think of the big firms like Boots or Harrods- they could be doing anything. Think again carefully of the companies that you use. Today I went to Poundland ,) and then I went to Costa Coffe. After that I went to The Edmonton Supply Company (TESCO). Is it an advantage to have detaiks of what services you provide in the name of your business.

Write down the name that you migvht be thinking of and note whether or not it gives information about what your company will do- put it away safe and try the following exercise

Brand names- are they important?
Brand names- are they important?
I am sure that this does not mean what we think it means
I am sure that this does not mean what we think it means
The name shows what the salon does
The name shows what the salon does

Write down 3 names that reflect what your business actually does. I have filled in some examples to get you thinking

1. Leicester Hair Cutters

2. Leicester South for Hair cutting

3. Leicester does Hair cutting

Then think out of the box a little are there other words to describe what you do

1. Leicester Hair Stylists

2. Leicester South Permanent Waves

3. Leicester does hair colouring

Have you thought about putting your own name in the title?

1. David Cameron Hair Stylists

2. David Cameron permanent waves

3. David Cameron colouring

Can you think of 3 names that make your business sound solid and traditional

1. Cameron and Sons (Leicester) Hair stylists

2. Cameron (Leicester) Limited Waves

3. Cameron and Clegg colourists limited

What names make it sound innovative and modern?

1. Cam cutz

2. CC Waves

3. CC Colours


Now get your original peice of paper out of its safe place and think. What market am i looking for. The traditional market or modern or perhaps a blend of the two.

Thought provoking, isn’t it?


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    • Rob Hanlon profile image

      Rob Hanlon 7 years ago from Epicentre of everywhere

      Well done, yet again excellent Hub. I 'belong' to one Company which is made up of all the letters it pertains to ... don't ask me what it means ~ I honestly don't know, I just point people to the company letterhead.

      I was employed by ICI, which I thought everyone knew of ~ then the company tried to "improve" it's profile by having "wavy" lines on it's Logo, instead of straight ones, and paid millions for the privelege !

      I have my own 'brand' which is like a company ID, but the 'brand' is not-for-profit, so everything is self-perpetuating and works rather well, because it has taken years to build a reputation. The work gone into it is balanced by what can be achieved through using it effectively. It's a balance.

      What is in a name ? .... everything ! :-)