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Updated on May 4, 2015

Professional Customer Service

Recruiting on the Web- Looking for a job

Job hunting is changing with the times. Workers have relocated to the Web so recruiting has to go where the labor market is. Why Recruiters use the internet for land based recruitment, environmental jobs, animal care and landscaping jobs? This is the computer generation and some of the brightest people are surfing the web.

There are whole web communities of different interest groups, so recruiters must use the internet. Billions of people are on the web each day and it would seem so much easier to select the best from such a wide selection of skills and varied age groups. Using the web you reach such a diversified group of people, and you are able to narrow your search down to the applicants you really need to focus on using computer software. Why Recruiters use the internet for land based, environmental jobs, animal care and landscaping jobs?

Recruiting on the web is much cheaper than print, and is a convenient way for an applicant to apply for a job with fewer steps, and greater certainty as to what is expected. You, as the recruiter, have the opportunity to decide what level of applicant you will allow to enter your web site. You can put a program in the works that will allow you to demonstrate to prime applicants why they should accept your offer, rather than your competitors.

The days of pen and paper are becoming an art form and standard paper notebooks are yielding way to flash drives that look like cigarette lighters. The internet is available on a cell phone placing information at your fingertips. Recruiting on the Web will give you access to the people you need to do the job, that involves looking at the world from a different point of view.

What started the trend, Nintendo maybe, but the computer generation has taken to their new element like ducks to water. The computer is the wave of the future. Not using it is like living on an island and not knowing how to swim. There is a very good chance you will not be able to reach the people you want through the newspaper or the regular media because they may be on the web. Why Recruiters use the internet for land based, environmental jobs, animal care and landscaping jobs? Try You Tube, Face book, My Space, or so many others and you will find your audience. If you use an old computer it can be termed a Dinosaur, and chances it will not carry the newer programs.

After a certain point even with upgrades the system will let you down. So why would a growing, up to date recruiting situation not get with the times. The people recruiters are searching for are progressive and upwardly mobile. Why should a qualified applicant want to work for an employer who wants to remain in the dark ages? In recruiting there are criteria you will have to meet in order to hold the attention of a fast moving generation. The information age has created a pool of knowledge on the web waiting to be tapped into.

Good customer service brings positive things.
Good customer service brings positive things.

Better Customer Service

We all have times when we find ourselves dealing with difficult customers. In the business world it is said “the customer is always right.” Unfortunately, that is not the case. But ultimately whatever the situation may be you must handle it in a positive manner. Whether the customer is right or wrong they are customers and therefore, the customer is “always right.” Your response must be positive -- losing an account over something unimportant is simply not worth it. If the grievance is serious chances are you need to rethink your policies and your warranties.

How do you place a computer and a human being together? How do you relate human feelings by way of a machine? You must develop an expert use of language. Dealing with a difficult customer on the Web is slightly different from face to face. The customer cannot hear you or see you. The customer cannot read your body language or hear the inflections in your voice nevertheless you are dealing with a human being and not a machine so the basic principles of dealing with difficult people remain the same.

Some one said “you can be anyone you want to be on a best hosting service Web.” Let us assume this is true and a fairly nice person has suddenly become your worst customer nightmare. What are you going to do? If the customer has sent you a coherent e-mail, you are going to assess whether or not the problem is on your end. If you find you are at fault then you are going to write a very nice e-mail asking the customer to accept your apologies, along with some kind of peace offering.

We are going to now assume the difficult customer is blatantly rude and you are not at fault. First of all you are going to e-mail the difficult customer with the most factual and calmest language you know how to write. This is going to start a thinking pattern on his part. ‘Was he wrong? Did he speak too soon or was he completely out of line with his complaint? Even though he is rude you are going to simply state the facts of your policy agreement, let him know that he can cancel his affiliation with your company and wish him a nice day.

Try your best to avoid difficulties in the first place by having clear customer guidelines. This is especially important in dealing with difficult customers on the Web. Keeping appropriate records, following up with verification e-mails and making sure you and the customer are on the same page is a necessity. Make sure all communications between you and the customer are documented. Make sure your site is user friendly.

If a customer has a complaint return his e-mail promptly, find out what your customer needs. It is difficult to give customer service without feed back you need to know what is going on with your customer. The whole problem may simply be miscommunication. To handle the problem may cost you no more than a sympathetic ear or a promise to look into the matter. Make sure you follow through on your promise to let a customer know they can trust your company. Even though we now have contracts and plenty of Lawyers integrity is still a highly treasured commodity.

Giving your customer access to an e-mail address for their problem solving needs allows you as a business owner to find out about the problem and to take action to solve it. E-mail sites set up especially for customer complaints can keep the complaint process simple. It can be frustrating going from office to office looking for someone to help you get a resolution to a problem. In this case the office to office is your e-mail. Show confidence when you are conversing with a difficult customer through your e-mail or other online communications. Chose your language carefully, take an interest in your customer’s problem and be sure this problem is not a common occurrence. Offer a solution as soon as possible being slow to respond may be seen as a negative response.

Follow up a complaint with a phone call or an e-mail. Let the customer know you care if he is happy with the solution you presented. People tend not to shop where their grievances are not heard, especially on the web. When you respond to a customer’s problem in a positive way you are building trust for your company. Certain products are household words because people feel they can trust the company. Ordering online, trust is especially important.

Think of yourself as being the President of your Customer World, you need to know what is going on with your Constituents before you can realistically pass any legislation. You must remember in dealing with people a customer may be reacting to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you or your business if they are excessively negative. Someone has to take the high road and since you want their business it would be wise to let that be you. Anyway, like any other form of combustion negativity needs fuel.

Let your customer know that you remember he is your customer. Make sure your customer knows he is more than a number. Your effort will be remembered when the decision comes to make a purchase. Customer service is very important so pay close attention to your customer, offer sales discounts at appropriate times. Understand your customer’s financial position and do your best as a business owner to make this a positive experience for you and the customer. Pay attention to your business, and make sure your decisions are good for you and your customer. You want your customer to know he can come to you with his customer complaints. The feed back will give you a stronger product and a stronger company.

Reach out to your customer with e-mails and mail advertising let him know what is going on in your company. This helps to deal with difficulties from your customer because he knows what your policies are. You have a firm position to stand on when your policy is crystal clear. A complaining customer can tell friends and neighbors how happy he is doing business with you or he can tell them how dissatisfied he is with your services. A difficult customer wants to get results but more importantly he wants effort.

How to Bring Your Training Program Up to Date

How to bring your training programs up to date? Training employees for the most basic jobs has changed due to technical innovations. The application process for a job now involves the use of a computer. This procedure is no longer optional but mandatory. A trainee must be trained in the usage of software. While training them an employer needs security codes in place so that only people with the correct credentials will have access to various levels of information. In a business many employees will have access to the computer system and training employees the requirements of your particular system of software use.

There are many online training programs available to give new employees the knowledge to operate computer software. There are also programs with on sight walk through instructions, teaching individuals to operate updated software programs. Companies are training employees through webcast. This allows employers to reach a large number of employees giving employees the opportunity to ask an expert in the field the questions necessary for understanding. Prior to this technology training was placed on local computer software.

How to bring your training programs up to date? Software companies hold training sessions with certificates offered after completion. Companies can register employees from their companies to take these updated software classes. Colleges are offering short range classes to satisfy the interest of a range of studies. Corporations are using this same principle with employee training by conducting on sight classes by doing seminars using computer technology.

The use of Webinar lectures and other virtual communications places employees of all sections of the company on the same information level. Employee participation in web studies on a wide scale offers exposure to innovative information that can propel the business into current productive opportunities. Online training is available any time of night or day in some instances. With the use of technology information is accessible to employees and company officials offering an opportunity to increase revenues. Educational webcasts are common, groupings are offered from technical software to cooking.

Using virtual technology is the best method of updating any training system. Medicine has used technology to inform and train medical professional for decades. Now business can not only train the top level of company officials but training has become so affordable all employees can be accessed with reasonable amount of improved training.

How To Fix Your Windshield


A vehicle has many features but none are as prominent as the windshield. This is a critical piece of hardware. A windshield is far more than a means of keeping the wind out of your face. It serves as a safety net to help keep you and your passengers from being ejected from your car. There are many features on a vehicle you want to work properly, but the windshield is one element of a car you don’t want to think of as failing. This piece of equipment is critical to the safety of you and your passengers.

Repairing a Windshield is not something anyone looks forward to. The need to repair a windshield can come from an accident or an object falling on the windshield. Repair problems can come from hail, rocks and other debris, or worse, a car accident. Vandalism causes a great deal of windshield damage, and leaves a real mess, a horrible form of windshield damage, but it does happen.

The glass that is now used in windshields was not very popular for cars in the early years because car manufacturers did not want to spend the money. There were a lot of accidents from shattered windshields. Finally the laminated glass that was discovered by Edouard Benedictus a French scientist (1903) was used for gas mask during the war and was found to be easy to work with and relatively inexpensive and was finally placed in car windshields.

The glass used in present day car windshield is made from a heat tempered glass that does no shatter due to the multilayer design having a plastic layer with two sheets of glass around it. Glass windshields also contain a few other elements including potassium and aluminum oxides. In the majority of the world it is mandatory that car manufacturers use laminated glass. Glass built with laminated plastic does not shatter as easily as safety glass; the plastic makes the windshield glass so much more flexible.

Type of Windshield glass

The windshields in the fast cars of today are made from what is known as safe glass, this is glass is slightly curved with a coat of laminated plastic in it. This coating keeps the glass from flying all over the place and causing injury to the passengers in the vehicle. This large piece of glass is connected to the body with a polyurethane layer. Automobile windshields are considered Flat glass. Tempered glass is a safety glass used instead of regular glass. This glass is stronger and does not break into ragged edges, and glass is cooled quickly. The brittleness of the glass causes the tempered glass to shatter into oval shaped looking pebbles. This lessens the danger of the glass breaking into sharp pieces and is therefore called safety glass.

Thermal processing makes safety glass heat resistant. Thermal glass s found in coffee pot and doors. Automobiles use this kind of glass for the back windshield and sides. Front windshield material is made by using laminated glass. With tempered glass all of the glass will break at once. Even though the tempered glass may get damaged it might hold but once the stress on the glass reaches a certain level it will break apart all at once.

The inside of laminated glass is a sheet of Polyvinyl Butyral This plastic also helps to stop objects from projecting through the glass. This plastic enables the glass to give way so that it absorbs shock of force. Laminated glass is used in a number of security sensitive places. There are certain safety features that a windshield must have required by law. This is an industry standard. This safety level is placed by the American Society for Testing of Materials. New laminated materials are constantly being researched. One product will only require one sheet of glass which will allow for even more safety. This new glass will automatically repair scratches, will be lighter and have anti-fog properties. With less glass in the windshield there will be less glass to shatter. Products are being studied that will resist harmful sun rays and help heat and air conditioning work more efficiently.

How to fill in cracks:

Most people have had the experience of making a turn down a road and making the discovery that it has been paved and rocks are flying every where. You would like to go faster as you drive but you realize you will have damage to your car especially the windshield.

Many cracks in a windshield can be fixed this happens through products that have similar properties to glass being injected into the crack. Usually the area of the repair is going to leave a mark but it should not be that noticeable. As long as it does not block the view of the driver is should be fine. If this problem with a windshield has been in disrepair for an excessive length f time it may be best to replace the windshield altogether. Repairing this crack requires a slightly new bit of material for the resin to stick to so a little drilling is done and the new material is placed in the crack to seal it up, once sealed light should flow through the windshield with little difference.

Types of cracks Your windshield usually gets damaged by rocks or other flying debris, this damage will cause various shapes , these shapes are given names to make identifying them easier when it come to repairing them. If the rock hits the outer part of the windshield it can cause a long crack and if a rock hits any other part of the windshield it will make a shape the at looks like a star, with small cracks coming from every direction.

With a chip the structural integrity is still good; repairing a windshield is relatively easy when the outer coating of the glass is damaged. Resin is more easily placed in cracks. You have the bull’s eye; this is a circular type injury to the glass leaving a cone shape. Another shape is a chip; this particular damage causes actual glass to come off of the windshield. You can have a combination of cracked chips, the edge of your windshield can be cracked, or a floater crack. This crack can stat right in the middle.

There can be so much damage done by object in the environment to your windshield it is mandatory that it be made of the sturdiest material possible. Your windshield may need to stop anything. Driving behind an Eighteen Wheeler and suddenly the truck has flat tire debris from this unexpected incident can you to have windshield damage. Most people never bother to think of the kinds of things their windshields keep out.

Windshield Removal

The first thing to be done in order to replace your windshield is to remove all of the items that will get in your way starting with the rear view mirror inside the car. Now you are going to have to get the windshield wipers out of your way. Be sure to put them in the cleaning position so you will not have a problem getting them on again. Now cover all of your vents with tape this will keep out any debris and the sticky on the tape will collect anything that does fall. If you have a situation where the rubber is hard or is brittle just push a putty tool into the polyurethane do not cut into the glass, ply the rubber up until you have worked it to the point where the windshield will come out. From the inside of your car use a safe amount of pressure to push the window out. Be sure to have help you don’t want your windshield flying to the ground. If the gasket is not damaged you might just want to remove the polyurethane. This is going to take a little more force than if you were going to destroy the old gasket altogether. Remove the windshield carefully, don’t use unnecessary force.


Picking up a new windshield is no cheap idea. They can be very expensive to acquire, Junkyards carry windshields but you must be very careful to get a windshield that fits your car and one that is free of nicks or scratches. It is important that you go over a junkyard windshield with a fine tooth comb. Be very careful with your windshield once you get it. Transporting any large piece of glass is going to prove difficult, so have someone help you. Any windshield must be clear of debris but a windshield from a junkyard creates special difficulties. Get sealant off the gasket you want your windshield to fit tight. The polyurethane must be removed if you get the window secondhand; a box cutter is good for that. As with any large piece of glass wrap it so there is less chance of breakage. Replacing a windshield is something you do not do everyday, never would be even better but things do happen. Should you ever find yourself in such a position here is how you get the job done.

First take the time to check out the surface of the car you are working on for damage around the windshield, if you are doing the work for someone else you need to let them know, damage to certain areas may make it difficult to work on the windshield. You are going to be dealing with material that may leak onto surfaces that can be damaged so you want to cover seats carpet, cover vents, dashboards, and any surface that can be damaged. Now you are ready to begin. Start by taking the rear view mirror down from the inside of the windshield, naturally the windshield wipers must be removed. Once the wipers are off remove the clamps holding the cowel then remove the cowl. There is molding along the windshield this must be removed.

After this has been done you must take a fairly long and reasonably narrow tool and cut into what is known as the pinch well, there will still be urethane let in the pinch well, it must be cut again to about 1/16th of an inch. Now you will find with a little effort but not too much the windshield will come out. The urethane may take a little extra on the inside once the windshield starts to come out. After all of your removals clean the area of debris, once this is done it is time to see if the windshield you have for the car will fit. Get your helper to help you carry the windshield over to the car sit the windshield for a fit. If the size is correct proceed with putting the new windshield in place.

You are going to prime the pinch well this will make certain the proper adhesion is between the polyurethane and the body of the car. Now you want to be sure to clean the inside of your new windshield for debris, you don’t want anything interfering with the adhesion. Now place glass prep to prepare the windshield for the glass primer. Please wear gloves you do not want to get any of these materials on your hands. The liquid that is to be mixed with the polyurethane is critical to your windshield being placed successfully. Do not try to bypass this procedure.

Glass primer goes over the glass prep, lay a bead of urethane with a caulking gun into the pinch well, be certain to work in an area that is free of dust and dirt, don’t rush take each carefully. Now place the windshield into the pinch well, replace your cowl, and molding. Make sure everything is clear of debris this cannot be emphasized enough, and be sure you have help, a good tight set is very important to a windshield being placed properly. Be sure you thoroughly check your windshield for leaks by spraying it with water, and give the windshield a safe drive time, and be sure to clean up any mess.

Cheap Alternative solution that can fix cracks in a car windshield.

You can use crack eraser do it yourself kits. Just tap out a bull’s eye. You can fill the bull’s eye in with resin and basically clean extra resin off after it sets. Of course there are many makeshift things you can do to make your windshield look presentable, but do not forget to ask yourself if this is the wisest thing to do. Your windshield is very serious business, and you should give patching it up soul searching thought. This simple act can be extremely dangerous if it is not the correct solution.

Cost associated with windshield repair

When possible it is best to keep the factory windshield in the car but if you must have a windshield replaced Comprehensive Insurance will usually cover the cost with a deductible, but if you only have Liability you most likely are not covered.

The cost of repairing a windshield holds a fairly standard price. Cracks caused by flying rocks and other minor objects that may not cause very much damage run around $50, but any additional damage that accompanies that may add small charges of $10 or more. By an unfortunate chance that you have damage of 12 inches in your windshield the price can be as much as $70. A Malibu Classic windshield can cost around $530 depending on the year and whether it is the back or front windshield. When deciding on the cost of a windshield repair the labor and the replacement of the seal or molding is a part of the cost of the windshield. It is recommended that the EMO molding be used. A molding kit can run $10 to over a $100; the cost varies with the vehicle. When estimating windshield cost, it might be possible to reduce the cost by using insurance. The deductible usually reduces the out of pocket cost.

How to prevent your windshield from breaking, cracking, or shattering

Extraordinary maneuvers’ are required to keeping yourself and your car out of harms way while driving. Trying to keep our windshield from becoming damaged is added work, but a few sensible tips could possibly save money and keep you safer. If you find yourself driving near a vehicle that is constantly spewing gravel off the road you no doubt want to stay as far away from this vehicle as possible. If this option is not available try using your windshield wipers with a little wash fluid until you can change the situation. But not driving too close is always good advice. Slow down, the faster you drive the more rocks you will have slapping your car and your windshield. Take a look at your windows on a regular basis and if you should run across any damage take care of it right away.

When is time to replace your windshield?

When cracks are larger than 3 inches it is possibly time to replace your windshield, although there are places that can repair windshield damage up to 12 inches long. As long as cracks do not damage the inner surface of the glass it can be repaired. You also want to take are of any cracks that might block the vision of the driver, when that happens it may be necessary to replace the whole windshield.

Feeling comfortable about a windshield replacement is difficult. But if you find a water or air leak have the replaced windshield redone immediately. Making sure the repair person is a part of the NGA group of certified technicians might help. If your windshield has been replaced and the work was done improperly, during a car accident a car can flip. It is believed over half of the windshield replacement is done improperly. If the windshield is not cleaned properly before placing it in the pinch well and rubber gloves are not worn to keep dirt and grease from the surface of the windshield so that the connection is good the windshield will not have a safe fit.

Review a few windshield replacement companies

There are many glass manufacturers who participate in the making of automobile windshields. These manufacturers constantly spend time and money toward the development of newer and safer products; here are a few of them.

AGC Flat Glass Company concerns itself with creating tempered glass that disintegrates into round pieces if it is struck; this keeps injury to a very low level. The AGC float glass is a product is a product offered where the need for special glass is not required and also is laminated. The product this company makes works out very well for the car industry. The laminated glass is sturdy, four times stronger than annealed glass, built with a concern for safety in mind.The company provides glass products for a large field of transportation industries. These glass products can reflect heat or they are capable of providing insulation properties the company is working for the improvement of future technology. Nippon Sheet Glass Co. is among the four largest glass dealers in the industry, and is steadily expanding its reach.

PPG, Guardian Industries Corp. has developed many new products one being crystal gray a float glass that a material that allows better light to get to a surface while keeping the infrared light out reducing heat. Saint – Gobian dealing with sealing solutions, a major producer of plastic designs in the world. Libby- Owens Ford major American producer of glass.

Central Glass Co., Ltd provides automotive glass to the industry works with glass and chemicals working to improve developments in the future.

Where you might have work done:

There are a number of qualified automotive shops available for windshield repair should you decide to have it repaired by a professional. There are car dealerships that have staff on duty to take care of your car repair needs and dealers have direct access to factory products that are made for your particular model of car.

You also have mobile glass specialist who have the equipment for various glass repairs and can come to any location needed for repair to your windshield. You will find shops that deal in industrial windows and any other types of glass including windshields and can do the job with expert fashion. Then you have places that do nothing but put in car windshields. So you see you have plenty of options for your windshield repairs.

Make sure your repair person is a member of the NGA. A repair person or shop may tell you it is OK to drive your car an hour or two after it has been repaired, but the drying time for the polyurethane can be a whole day. If you get into an accident your windshield may not hold and the roof of your car will have no support and can be crushed more easily causing injuries that may not have happened if the windshield holds properly.

Most importantly you want to deal with a person or repair group that has the safety of your passengers foremost in their minds. Sure everyone at some point wants to cut cost but there are times when this is simply not going to happen. If saving money is more important than your safety, then you should walk.

Some may decided to meet the challenge of repairing a windshield without any professional assistance but it is fine if you change your mind and decide to seek professional help. If you are comfortable doing the job that is wonderful but whatever road you decide to take with the windshield repair make a wise choice with the safety of you and your passengers in mind. Windshields are available in many shapes and sizes just choose the one you need.

The automobile industry has been in the forefront of developing glass that can be safely used for the public. By using glass that is not easily shattered allow people to drive their cars with more safety. There are many chemical developments that have come about over the year’s helping glass to handle heat, light, and pressure better. The usage of glass materials for automotive products is sure to have an even greater impact in the future of the automobile.

Windshield repair is not a fly by night hobby; serious consequences go with mistakes in placing a windshield improperly. Officials cannot actually say the direction of an ejection from a vehicle once they get to an accident sight but if a windshield fails it is a lot less likely that a person will not be thrown from a vehicle. It is important to keep each element of a vehicle in good condition, so treating the windshield with careless attention is extremely unwise.

Over the decades glass manufactures have placed a great deal of time and research to make safer and safer types of glass for the security of the public. Scientist are working diligently for better solutions to windshield safety. But car owners must keep hands on safety checks in the mean time.

Accounting services

Keeping track of money is important in business. Looking after the paperwork of your business from scraps of paper is anything but professional or wise. Sooner or later this haphazard form of bookkeeping will throw the financial well being of your company into chaos. Every growing business needs an accounting system with the capacity to incorporate a better ledger system into their present accounting program.

Do-it-yourself accounting services used by companies generally utilize software that makes bookkeeping for small companies easy or the product is set up by a company for the small business. Accounting services are also provided by small bookkeeping services handling a small group of clients in a professional capacity. There are bookkeeping services of varied sizes. There are those handling large conglomerates and those dealing with small to mid sized companies. Accounting services present payment plans a company can save money on. Much of the work is done electronically so there is no reason for keeping space in your building for the bookkeeping purpose. This gives work space for other projects.

Companies hold critical discussions on documenting their financial ledger, credit card statements need reconciling for the accurate ins and outs of expenditures. Bookkeeping issue are important when cash money is involved. Without accurate figures a company may find it is giving away money rather than making it. With technology it is possible to receive daily updates on the progress of your company. With this, it is always possible to know how your marketing strategy is affecting your bottom-line.

Many companies have deposits for employees and for bill payment. These electronic transactions need to be documented without error. Companies have found themselves in serious financial trouble because of ill kept records. Certified companies responsible for you accounting services a re accountable for such mistakes. This security protects your company assets.

Accounting services give companies a clear idea of what they own, who they owe, and how much money they have going out and coming in. Know what account receivables are due and have billing done in an efficient manner. With accounting services the balance sheet is ready for presentation to any financial institution or government agency.

Bookkeeping for a company can be taken care of within a company if it is large enough to have an accounting department or the work can be out sourced, done by an independent contractor. Accounting services are professionals, trained to avoid the mistakes of incorrect paperwork, misplaced numbers and incorrect receipts for the wrong departments.

Very few people have an endless source of expenditures and accounting practices and accuracy are important. Companies are accountable to their employees and stockholders. With competent bookkeeping and accounting services a company always knows, where the money is.


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