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Discrimination on the Job

Updated on February 13, 2012

Management Has Been Blackwashed

I worked for one of the largest publishing companies in the Country. I was a class A Driver, loading, delivering and unloading anywhere from 300 to 1200 bundles of News Papers nightly, five night a week. When they replaced the driver supervisor, which just happened to be white, with a black person the problems began. Early on, in his short lived career as driver supervisor he called five of the white drivers, including myself, into the office to throw his weight around inappropriately. He began to pound on his chest and say, "we are going to do this my way and that the way it's going to be"! Of course we were all taken back by his egotistical and uneducated way of doing things. The way I see it, if you want people to do a good job, where the job is a timely and important one, you don't treat them like crap. Do unto others as you want them to do to you I always say.

Well, every night for two months, I was yelled at, degraded and treated like a dog. Actually, dogs are treated better than I was treated and it did not stop with me. His co-partner in crime was black also. I went to the person over him and he said, he's just green, he will catch on, in the mean time I am still being yelled at nightly by both idiots.

I even went to HR, which I think actually means, Humorous Replies Dept., and got the same. It just so happened that do to an earlier injury I had an accident one morning coming back into the building from my route. I had injured my neck and looking out the right side mirror it caught causing me to hit a barrier and was fired for "Misconduct". Figure that one out.

A short while later the supervisor in question was filmed taking money out of News Paper boxes and fired but this was the guy they thought was doing a great job as Driver Supervisor.

My wife, who works for the largest Retailer in the world and her employee harasses her daily. Why you ask? My wife is Caucasian and the employee is Black or African American, as some want it put.. She has gone to the Store Manager and that point told she had to go through the chain of command to file a grievance and get something done about the situation.

When she asked this person to do something there is always an attitude and I can't see where the rub is. This person could have put in for the position , same as my wife but she did not do so and thinks if my wife is not doing the same thing she is doing there is a problem. My wife has a lot on her shoulders because the buck stops at her desk not as the Black lady's, and if things are not done she hears about it not the other way around.

If the Colored Race wants equality why don't they get the chip off of their shoulder? My wife is hard working, she is there to do a job not play patty cake with the employee, everyday as I with the company I worked for. It sure would be easier if we all would work together and forget about the past. The past is gone. I did not know any slaves and I know my wife didn't and she could care less about anything but getting the job done while these people are paying her to do a job!

The Black's have had more opportunities than the White's have had for a long time now and for some reason a lot of them still have their hands out. Why is that?

If we don't all work together and keep the jobs going without attitudes that mean nothing, all the jobs are going to be gone and you want never be able to buy "Made in America" again. Or don't you care?


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