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C# and Asp.Net Interview Questions

Updated on October 21, 2014

Looking for a Job

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Real .NET Interview Questions

While looking for a change in job; those who are basically into .NET development, actually has to deal with the technical round. And .NET, being a vast technology, an interviewer will be questioning you in a variety of ways...

Here I'm going to share some of the real time Interview questions, that are now in trend. The companies mentioned are based on Techno park, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

I'm going to separate the questions based on the Companies. Feel free to start discussing on the trends and hope that these questions will help you to know the trends in .NET interviews and also to prepare accordingly.

How to update yourself with the current trending technologies?

Even if you are not looking for a job change, the best way to update yourself and check your position, as where you are standing in your Industry, you need to register yourself in a job site and try to attend interviews.

Buy attending the interviews, you could test your confidence level and also check the level into which you are standing, in the technology that you are working on. You could check, whether, you are lagging behind, in regards to the technology update, that is currently expected from your end, from the industry.

Preparing for .NET interviews

One who is looking for a job change with 5 years of experience in .NET, will be usually handled as a senior developer / team lead post and below are the profile, the companies are looking

  • Basics of ASP.NET is a must
  • Along with that SQL and ADO.NET
  • Then comes the Oops and Design Patterns
  • The latest trends in C#, and Proficiency in WCF, MVC, JQuery, LINQ etc
  • Project Management & leading experience and also the tools used.

So better start with the basic stuffs and what is important is the confidence involved in answering. If one is good in WCF, but poor in Basic .NET and Oops Concept, then there comes no chance for that guy.

But if you are good in .NET and Oops concept, and that you don't know about other latest technologies, you are sure to be selected. The concept is that, by knowing the base, it will be easier for you to pick up. But if you are expert in one technology and don't know basics, then if that technology changes and a new one comes in, then you may not be able to pick up the same.

Facing Job Interviews

Facing Job Interviews
Facing Job Interviews | Source

Now let me start with the list of interview questions

Which Company is having the toughest rounds

Among the listed companies, which of them are having the toughest rounds

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.NET Interview Questions from Thoughtline Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  1. Is viewstate accesible from a page to which the current page is post backed
  2. What do you know about GAC Util
  3. How exception handled in your project
  • where is it tracked
  • is it simply try catch
  1. Have you heard about Application Pool?
  2. What about Connection Pooling?
  3. difference between Machine and webconfig
  4. why webconfig, if machine config is there?
  5. Can we have an application without webconfig?
  6. Can we have more than one webconfig in an application
  7. What is the use of destructor in a class?
  8. What is rowlock,numlock & nolock?
  9. Cookies and session where it is stored?
  10. Late binding and early binding ?
  11. Dispose and finalize, then why destruct or
  12. Explain the different oops concepts implemented in ur project with example?

Preparing for Interviews

Preparing for Interviews
Preparing for Interviews | Source

.NET Interview Questions from Attinad Software Private Limited

It was just a high level talk

  1. What is the process involved in development?
  2. How to attain /ensure complete requriement?
  3. Why use .net instead of vb6?
  4. Do you know design patterns?
  5. Have you used traceability matrix?
  6. How to ensure scalability?
  7. How to convince client if there is an issue after the release & testing completed

.NET Interview Questions from Wipro Technologies

  1. Difference between PHP,VB6 and .NET
  2. What you mean by Agile methedology
  3. Have you heard of spring/storyboard
  4. How fix a design requirement?
  5. How to solve a technical issue?
  6. Can u explain what is MVC and it's concept?
  7. Why triggers and why can't stored procedures takes the place of triggers?
  8. Are you experienced in Documentation and writing it's specification
  9. What about latest technologies like JQuery,LINQ?
  10. Have you done Test cases?
  11. What are JOINS?
  12. What you know by the term Authentication?
  13. What is viewstate and why is it used ?
  14. What about design patterns?
  15. Can u explain garbage collector?
  16. Do you know XML?

.NET Interview Questions from Network Systems & Technologies (P) Ltd [NeST]

  1. If garbage collector frees memory , then how does memory leak occur
  2. How to implement Dynamic polymorphism?
  3. What is in proc and outproc session?
  4. Do you know ML, sequence diagrams
  5. About WCF, how exception handled in WCF?
  6. Do you know Design patterns?
  7. Then can you explain a single ton pattern, how is it implemented?
  8. How to force garbage collector?
  9. Diff b/w finalize , dispose and destructor
  10. Why is it possible to see a aspx page in apple's browser?
  11. What is a value type and reference type?
  12. What is virtual keyword?
  13. Do you know webfarms and webgarden?
  14. using statement, using keyword - how is works as a statement, when is it used?

How to prepare for .NET Interviews

.NET Interview questions from UST Global

  1. Why we use garbage collector;What is dispose?
  2. In the statement string s=null and int i=null - which will cause error? & why?
  3. Nullable objects what are they?
  4. Explain the concept of polymorphism and how it is implemented?
  5. Explain page life cycle.In that when is view state loaded?
  6. How data transferred from one page to another?
  7. Assume that I have 1000 records in DB and how to show them effectively - what should be the logic applied?
  8. State the Difference between stored procedures vs functions
  9. Have you heard of cursors, why we use them?
  10. Have you heard of MVC, explain the concept.
  11. What is the difference between Crystal reports and sub-reports?
  12. What is lazy loading ?
  13. What is the difference between converttostring and to string?
  14. try/parse - what is it ?
  15. Can you mention some steps for improving performance of back end and front end
  16. What is the use of Microsoft ajax toolkit?

.NET Interview Questions from InApp Information Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  1. authentication
    1. forms authentication
    2. types of authentication
    3. windows authentication / against what it checks credentials
    4. which authentication you are using
  2. WCF
    1. difference between web services and WCF
    2. Type of hosting in WCF
  3. delegates and events
    1. what are delegates and events
    2. what u mean by custom events
    3. Can we write delegates of our own for buttons?
  4. SQL reporting
    1. are u doing the configurations
    2. why you selected server reports
    3. Configuration
    4. how data fetched to SQL reports
    5. how the same is deployed
    6. what is written inside the setup/MSI’s
    7. who is creating the same
  5. SQL server
    1. what is union all and union
    2. which is faster
    3. what are triggers
    4. type of triggers, why triggers used
    5. CTE, why we use the same
  6. C#, new features
    1. what is new in c# 4.0
  7. what are the new trends in .net
  8. what is MVC
  9. Do you know anything abt SOA
  10. index
    1. why we need index
    2. can we have table without Index
    3. why views
    4. what is views
    5. views can have index
  11. Oops
    1. what is Static class
    2. singleton class
    3. how to implement singleton class
  12. collections
    1. how to go through dictionaries
    2. what are dictionaries
    3. what are hash tables
  13. reflection
  14. Multilanguage
    1. how u implement multi languages
    2. how about switching between Indian and US date time format
  15. what is http modules
    1. can we have custom http modules
  16. Exception handling
    1. how exception handling done
    2. can we have try without catch
    3. what is finally
  17. what is impersonation



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    • poetryman6969 profile image


      6 years ago

      Voted up for being very useful.

      I have never had to know about nor had anyone ask me about:

      rowlock, numlock & nolock.

      That maybe a difference between India and the US?


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